10 famous actors who got their start in horror movies


Every actor has to start somewhere, and horror movies are an excellent place to start. The horror genre doesn’t need a Hollywood budget or the big celebrities, it makes do with the ability to draw an audience in with nothing but fear and excitement. However, many of the horror films of the past starred some of Hollywood’s finest actors that we love today.

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While these actors have become household names, most of them started their careers by covering themselves in fake blood and running from savage killers. No one would ever expect them to win awards and star in multi-million dollar productions. Let’s take a look at some actors and actresses from their humble beginnings in horror films.

Kevin Bacon – “Friday the 13th.” (1980)


In front Kevin bacon danced in a storm Unbound or fight Tremblehe was murdered by Mrs. Voorhees herself by ramming an arrow into his neck.

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Bacon starred in the original Friday the 13th Movie before Jason Voorhees made his gruesome appearance in the remakes, replacing Mrs. Voorhees as Crystal Lake’s insane serial killer.


Johnny Depp – “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984)


Johnny DeppRise to fame was in 21 Jump Street where he was too cool for school, but at the age of 21 he starred as Glenn in Nightmare on Elm Street. He was Nancy’s (Heide Langenkamp) Friend. Robert Englund said part of the inspiration he had for How to Play Freddy was jealousy of the youth and attractiveness of Johnny Depp and Heather Langenkamp.

Glenn has one of the most horrific deaths in the world Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise. He is pulled into his mattress followed by blood filling the room. It’s a popular death scene among fans.

Patricia Arquette – “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors” (1987)


In front Patricia Arquette was Christian Slater‘s girlfriend as Alabama in true romance or a psychic detective mediumShe started out as Kristen Parker in Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, where she fought Freddy Krueger himself.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is considered the best film in the franchise alongside the original.

Tom Hanks – “He Knows You’re Alone” (1980)


Run, Forrest, run! Yes, before he got hit by Jenny or was sleepless in Seattle tom hanksone of the most likeable actors in the world, started in the slasher film He knows you are alone.

The film is about a slasher who has a penchant for slashing brides. Don’t blink or you’ll miss Hanks.

Jennifer Aniston – “Leprechaun” (1993)


She used to be America’s sweetheart and everyone’s friend Jennifer Aniston went into battle with a goblin.

If only she had Charlie (Charlie Day) from it’s always sunny in Philadelphia to help her fight the goblin; she might have had an easier fight. Where’s the rat killer when you need it?

Paul Rudd – “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers” (1995)


the sexiest man in the world paul rudd, has made its beginning Halloween: The Curse by Michael Myers.

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He plays Tommy Doyle, the kid that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) babysat in the original film. In this film, Tommy is grown and obsessed with Michael Myers.

Jamie Lee Curtis – “Halloween” (1978)

Laurie walked to Halloween

Following her mother Janet Leigh‘S Following in his footsteps, Jamie Lee Curtis began one of the most popular horror franchises in history. Curtis starred as Laurie Strode, the babysitter and first last girl to face Michael Myers.

Curtis starred in lesser-known slasher films and eventually slipped into other roles, particularly comedy. Only to come full circle and rework her role as Laurie Strode to once again face Michael Myers Halloween, Halloween killsand Halloween ends.

Chrispin Glover – “Friday the 13th IV: The Final Chapter” (1984)

Crispin Glover Friday the 13th

Before trying to win Lorraine’s heart in the dance Enchantment Under the Sea or playing the odd character Layne in the underrated film river edge Crispin Glover when the silly virgin Jimmy would start Friday the 13th: The Final Chapterwhere he takes a corkscrew in his hand and a machete to his face.

Interesting Fact: Crispin Glover starred as Marty’s father (Michael J Fox) in Back to the Future and as his friend on the hit sitcom family ties.

Brad Pitt – “Cutting Class” (1989)

Brad Pitt Cutting Class

Brad Pitt won the world with his outstanding performance in Thelma and Louise. However, he began his successful career in the 80s slasher film cutting class, a film about a student who escapes from a mental institution and starts dismembering people. Similar to the plot of many slashers in the 80’s, someone had escaped from a mental institution and cut up people in the woods, on campus, in a furniture store, grocery store, etc.

Brad Pitt later starred in the fantastic horror thriller seven.

Christian Slater – “Twisted” (1986)


Before he was a young tomboy Christian Slater starred in the little-known horror film twisted. However, he had played supporting roles and supporting roles in a few TV series and films twisted was his first starring role as a killer teenager.

It wouldn’t be like until movies heather, Turn up the volumeand true romance that Slater would become a household name.

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