10 Things To Know About New Blood Vs. Millionaire’s Club Feud


WCW took a big gamble booking the feud between New Blood and Millionaire’s Club in 2000. The company was in a terrible state after falling from the highest promotion in the industry and losing money during the hottest period. Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff, leading a faction of young stars against the top names was a great idea on paper.

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Unfortunately, things never went as management had hoped, with booking and in-game egos preventing the Angle from positive growth. Few New Blood members benefited from the feud, and the older wrestlers felt they were wasting time. Fans missed some notable parts of the rivalry between the New Blood and the Millionaire’s Club.

10 WCW completely resets the pre-feud product

Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff

The most interesting part of the New Blood vs. Millionaire’s Club storyline was that WCW completely halted the program beforehand. Nitro and Thunder became “best of” shows for a couple of weeks to get things pumped up all over again.

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In the first episode of the new era, Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff were in the ring with all members of the New Blood. Every title was vacated and previously set feuds like Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Vicious ended with no payout.

9 Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo had the biggest feuds

Vince Russo WCW

One of the main reasons New Blood members never had the success WCW hoped for was that Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo were the biggest names. WCW even had them feud specifically with the top names in the Millionaire’s Club.

Russo had a personal feud with Ric Flair and Bischoff’s betrayal of Hulk Hogan caused their problems. The wrestlers they represented, such as Billy Kidman, Shane Douglas and David Flair, all took a backseat to authority figures.


8th Randy Savage pitched in for one night

Randy Savage WCW

Randy Savage’s admission to the Millionaire’s Club is rarely discussed as he only spent one night with the faction. WCW booked a massive battle royal with members of the Millionaire’s Club and New Blood fighting each other.

Savage returned to WCW at the end of the game to attack New Blood members and help the other Legends in the Millionaire’s Club. Despite Savage claiming he was back, he never returned and the angle ended without further action.

7 Goldberg got the Millionaire’s Club to trust him

Goldberg new blood

Goldberg’s return from injury in the summer of 2000 was interesting as he could have become a member of New Blood or the Millionaire’s Club if he fitted into both. Goldberg appeared first and saved Kevin Nash from an attack by New Blood members.

The assumption that Goldberg would remain a face at the Millionaire’s Club turned out to be a mistake. Goldberg impaled Nash below Great American Bash 2000 PPV to cost him the title against Jeff Jarrett and become a member of the New Blood.

6 TNA Feud was inspired by this

Stitch Dropkicks Samoa Joe

An overlooked element of the New Blood-Millionaire’s Club feud years after it took place was that TNA took inspiration from it. Vince Russo was a member of the TNA creative team and several WCW wrestlers from that era were on the TNA roster.

The Main Event Mafia was partially inspired by Millionaire’s Club, but they went in heel. A feud between veterans and young stars will only work if the legends are on their heels to overwhelm the new talent. From her point of view, TNA was more successful when there was more direction and selfless talent involved.

5 New Blood won every major title in the first PPV

Jeff Jarrett

Spring Stampede 2000 was the PPV where WCW executed a map to crown the champions for all vacant titles. Members of the New Blood won every major title on the show. Jeff Jarrett defeated Diamond Dallas Page to become WCW Champion for the first time, ending the show in great fashion.

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The makeshift team of Shane Douglas and Buff Bagwell won the WCW Tag Team Championship by defeating Ric Flair and Lex Luger. Scott Steiner won a tournament to become US Champion and Chris Candido was the new Cruiserweight Champion. Terry Funk was the only non-member to win the hardcore championship, but that wasn’t considered a major title.

4 Millionaire’s Club had four different world champions during the feud

Rick Flair 2000

The WCW Championship changed hands almost weekly during Vince Russo’s run as the leading creative. It was even worse during the feud between New Blood and Millionaire’s Club, where the title was quickly passed around.

Sid Vicious was the WCW Champion early in the feud when he was forced to vacate him. Diamond Dallas Page, Ric Flair and Kevin Nash all also won the title for the Millionaire’s Club. Jeff Jarrett was the only New Blood wrestler to win the WCW Championship as a member of the group.

3 Eric Bischoff left New Blood after Hulk Hogan quit

Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff had two main event feuds between New Blood and Millionaire’s Club against his former close friends Hulk Hogan and Diamond Dallas Page. However, the feuds ended abruptly due to his genuine friendship with Hogan.

Vince Russo’s infamous shooting promo, which rolled over Hogan, resulted in Hulk stepping out and filing a lawsuit against WCW. Bischoff also chose to leave and was removed from TV stories with no explanation.

2 Everyone turns on DDP

Diamond Dallas Page

No character suffered more heartbreak than Diamond Dallas Page during the New Blood vs. Millionaire’s Club storyline, and things got weird. Eric Bischoff targeted DDP to end his friendship and Kimberly Page allied with Bischoff after betraying her husband.

The feud continued when David Arquette Page next turned his back to help Jeff Jarrett win the WCW Championship. Even DDP’s best friend Chris Kanyon ended up stabbing him in the back. Page had lost every ally to the New Blood in 2000.

1 Booker T switched sides

Booker T WCW

WCW’s portrayal of New Blood as a heel group completely ruined the appeal of all younger face wrestlers. Booker T was in the group as he fit the mold of a rising star hungry for a main event role, but he wasn’t a heel due to his connection with the crowd.

The big turning point came when Booker stopped standing in line and turned against New Blood members. Booker didn’t officially join the Millionaire’s Club, but he was an ally of the group that opposed the New Blood Heels.

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