10 wrestlers who have only completed a WCW PPV Main Event once


Main event a pay-per-view is one of the most prestigious achievements a wrestler can achieve. An event that customers paid their hard earned money to see and be the last game on this map, the only game built on all night, has to be really special, especially when you’re on a big one Companies like to be under contract World Wrestling Championship.

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Big names like Ric Flair, Sting and Hulk Hogan have dozens of main events together, with DDP, Lex Luger and Scott Steiner also having a large number of show closers. However, among all of the WCW’s pay-per-views, there are some names who could only finish the show once, and here are 10 of those wrestlers.


Ron Simmons WCW Champion

This is one of the most frustrating but historic moments not only in WCW history but also in wrestling history. During Ron Simmons main event Halloween chaos 1991 is a piece of history to remember fondly, this event is only known for the Chamber of Secrets match at the beginning of the show which was so bad it was almost good. Even so, Simmons made history that night.

Against Lex Luger in a 2 out of 3 fall match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, Simmons was the losing end of the match. That being said, it doesn’t undermine Ron Simmons’ performance at the event. The following year he would become the first African-American world champion – October 27, 1991 was a night when Simmons broke cultural barriers, if only once.

9 RICK RUDE – Wrestle was in 1992

Rick Rude as WCW Champion Cropped

The gorgeous man had a stellar career after WWE in the early 1990s. He took part in selected independent shows and in All Japan Pro Wrestling before finally ending up with WCW in the fall of 1991. It wasn’t long before he got together with Paul E.) and would form ‘The Dangerous Alliance’.

As a member of the aforementioned Alliance, Rude received his only WCW Main Event when he faced ‘Sting’s Squadron’ in the grueling WarGames match WrestleWar 1992. Rude’s career would end prematurely just 2 years later, which means that Rude actually has the same number of WCW main events as his then manager, Mr. E. Dangerously.


8th STEVE AUSTIN – Wrestle was in 1992

Steve Austin WCW Television Champion

The other member of The Dangerous Alliance, who made their only main event appearance in the WCW, is a man who would eventually become arguably the most popular wrestler of all time. A man who in his later years would wrestle with 70 different WWE pay-per-views, with Steve Austin appearing in over half of those events in the Main Event Match.

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The future Texas rattlesnake would be the final piece of the puzzle for The Dangerous Alliance if Paul E. picked Austin into the ranks as the young rookie who would be the future of the business (he wasn’t wrong about that). The alliance would eventually collapse after losing to Sting’s squadron, but Austin didn’t need to worry too much as bigger plans were in store for him later.


Jake Roberts WCW
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Not only was this Jake Roberts’ only WCW pay-per-view main event, it was also his only pay-per-view match for the company. After leaving WWE shortly thereafter Wrestling mania 8 Since he did not get a position in the writing team, Roberts made his debut for the WCW in the summer of 1992 and thanks to his star power, his incredible promotional work and an intimidating queue at the ring, he found himself in a title match.

Roberts’ appearance on WCW was so quick that a fan might miss it if they happened to blink a little longer than usual. However, since Roberts had been in the business for 18 years at the time of the game, he was ready to retire, even if it would not happen for another 2 decades.


The shock master

His debut lives in a strange paradox of a world where it is both the worst debut in wrestling history and the best footage captured by WCW cameras in the ring or outside. Fred Ottman got through the embarrassing moment so far, however, that his moderately successful run as ‘Tugboat’ in WWE is often not the first thing fans think of when the big man is mentioned.

Despite the mishap on his debut, The Shockmaster and his handsome Stormtrooper helmet with purple glitter hit the headlines Autumn fight 1993 as a member of Team Sting for this year’s WarGames match against Harlem Heat, Vader and Sid Vicious. The big man even took victory for his team by putting Booker T (then known as Kole) in a bearhug to get the win, so at least he has that on his résumé.


via amazonaws.com
via amazonaws.com

When fans think of the success Mick Foley had in his career in Japan, ECW and WWE, it is truly amazing that he could only headline one WCW pay-per-view event during his run there. Worse still, the angle that ran from before the main event Halloween chaos In 1993, where he would wrestle with Vader, he apparently escaped from a mental hospital and developed amnesia for naturally doing it.

While WCW didn’t know what they had in their hands with Foley, he and Vader put closer to a true match of the year on the show. A brutal Texas death match that to this day fans cringe when they see Foley take off some of the bumps he made. Foley would take even more jerky thrusts on his way to becoming one of the most famous wrestlers of all time.



The reason a company like ECW did so well in the mid-1990s was while they were causing the extreme bloodbaths fans wanted to see, which WWE resembled a Saturday morning cartoon for kids and WCW had ‘The Dungeon of Doom’. The stable in front of the camera was ready to destroy Hulkamania forever, although in theory it was set up so that all of Hulk Hogan’s friends could get some work.

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One of those short-term members was Kamala, who made a brief pit stop at WCW in 1995 in an attempt to stop Hogan and his legions of Hulkamaniacs. Kamala was on the dungeon team in this year’s WarGames match, which Hogan won, of course, but that was the last Kamala fans would see at WCW. He would really end his career after leaving WCW and only make select appearances until his retirement in 2010.


Fake sting

It’s not often that someone can have a successful career as a rip off from someone else, but that’s exactly what Paul Farmer did in 1996 when he switched from ‘Cobra’ to ‘nWo Sting’. After Sting went away for a while to rehabilitate injuries and turn his gimmick into the crow-inspired crusader who remains strong to this day, the New World Order thought they would have their own.

nWo Sting had only a few official matches in WCW, this being his only pay-per-view match, a member of Team nWo at this year’s WarGames against Team WCW. While Farmer was the loser of Hogan, Hall and Nash, if nWo had to be on the losing side, the fake stinger in Japan would achieve respectable success as a member of nWo Japan.


Curt Hennig WCW Nitro

The Four Horsemen vs The nWo on paper seems like an absolute dream match, but their WarGames match in the 1997 Autumn fight Event was less than desirable. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. What wasn’t good either was that this match was the only WCW Main Event that former Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig wrestled, which is a crime punished by watching WCW in 2000.

Hennig wasn’t there technically either. After jumping backstage from his opponents that night, the riders were left without their enforcer, who finally appeared to the ring with a noose around his arm. This was a detour, of course, because Hennig would betray The Horsemen, join nWo and still never be another main pay-per-view event despite being a member of the most powerful stable in the entire company. Insanity.


David Arquette Slamboree

In a way, it’s pretty easy to regret David Arquette looking back on his unfortunate WCW run in 2000. He was only there to promote the even more unfortunate movie ‘Ready to Rumble’. He didn’t want to win the world championship, he knew it was a bad idea, why would the poor guy go through all this for the ratings, Vince Russo? Why? In the middle of his run, Arquette was even able to make a pay-per-view headline, why not.

Arquette defended his title in a “triple cage match,” which was the same cage from the movie that Arquette is promoting, and did what every good actor does at one point in his career that is sold out. He turned on opponent / friend / main rival (in the movie) DDP to side with Jeff Jarrett, who became champion in this, David Arquette’s only main pay-per-view main event.

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