10 wrestlers you didn’t know hold WCW records


WCW had a strong legacy of incredible performers and memories that will always hold meaning in wrestling history. Legends like Ric Flair, Sting, Goldberg and Diamond Dallas Page provided countless moments that fans will enjoy today. Top names are usually the ones associated with records in the big company.

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Various achievements like title rulers, match totals, and everything in between make interesting names as the best random records. Due to the unpredictability of wrestling, not every record is held by an obvious wrestler. Learn about the names to make some kind of story in a legendary action. The following wrestlers surprisingly held records during their time at WCW.

10 Stich: Most victories

Surfer Sting WCW USA colors

Ric Flair’s title wins make him the favorite for most overall wins in WCW history. Promotions usually book the world champion to win all of the house show’s games along with their television defense, but Sting outdid him.

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Sting’s persistence enabled him to hold the record for the most victories in the company’s history. Sting won 900 games for WCW and flourished almost every year of his career. The fact that Sting never quit WCW during this time led him to lock that record.

9 Eric Bischoff: Shortest hardcore championship reign

Eric Bischoff WCW

The WCW Hardcore Championship is a forgotten title, but the belt has been on television for over a year. WCW wanted a title similar to WWE when their hardcore championship thrived for the rule of 24/7 comedic moments.

Eric Bischoff is the most surprising name to win the Belt by defeating Terry Funk. The title reign lasted less than a day when he bestowed the title on Big Vito and Johnny the Bull. A few other wrestlers set the record, but Bischoff’s name stands out.

8th Buff Bagwell: Most tag titles rule with different partners

Buff Bagwell WCW

WCW has always found potential in Buff Bagwell with the hope of making him a top star. Bagwell never made it to the main event, but he flourished in the tag team division, winning gold with a few different tag team partners.

Scotty Riggs, Shane Douglas, The Patriot and 2 Cold Scorpio were Buff’s partners for his day title reign. Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, and Ricky Steamboat also had four partners each, but that included titles when they were under different names in previous promotions.

7th Ric Flair: Most title wins

Ric Flair Large gold belt

Ric Flair’s world titles are always mentioned, but most would not assume he holds the most overall titles in WCW. Main eventers who have such consistently long runs in the first places would not be involved in the mid-card picture or tag title scene.

Flair still managed to have the most WCW titles across the board at 25. The record was close when Ricky Steamboat finished with 24 titles. Steamboat’s injury, which ended his career earlier than expected, likely changed the history books as he would have won at least one more.

6th The Giant: Won the WCW Championship in the first match first

WCW Monday Nitro The Giant

WCW shocked the world by going all-in on The Giant as the next top heel. Hulk Hogan discovered The Giant and believed his size would make him the perfect wrestler. Big Show was training to get TV-ready when she was introduced as the son of Andre the Giant.

In The Giant’s first official WCW match, he won the Hogan’s WCW championship over DQ. Even David Arquette and Vince Russo technically had matches in WCW before controversially winning the title. Hulk Hogan won the belt in his first WCW match, but he had the WWE run before he got over.

5 Hulk Hogan: Longest WCW Championship reign

Hulk Hogan WCW Entourage

Hulk Hogan’s decision to sign with WCW sparked a lot of interest in wrestling. WCW felt like a bigger deal with Hogan at the top of the map. Hogan wasted no time winning the WCW Championship in his first title shot against Ric Flair.

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Hogan’s dominant reign lasted 467 days for the longest in WCW history. Hogan had the second longest reign during his time in the New World Order. Vader was a distant third, with Hogan running laps for his previously set record.

4th Shinjiro Otani: First Cruiserweight Champion

Shinjiro Otani

WCW made the Cruiserweight Division an official part of the show with the introduction of the Cruiserweight Championship. The tournament to crown the first champion took place in Japan with the final of Chris Benoit as Wild Pegasus against Shinjiro Otani.

New Japanese star Otani won the title at a great moment in his career and began wrestling for WCW as part of the working relationship. Dean Malenko defeated Otani to become the first WCW star to hold the new title.

3 Bobby Eaton: Most losses

Bobby Eaton

Bobby Eaton’s career does not get the respect it deserves for his accomplishments in the industry. Eaton spent years in WCW, moving to a lower card role during the climax when the Monday Night Wars began to have priority.

The shocking record for Eaton in WCW history is that it has the most total losses. Eaton lost 529 as he did a great job beating opponents. Arn Anderson was a distant runner-up with 382 defeats in the WCW.

2 Lex Luger: Longest US Championship

Lex Luger WCW

WCW has had a few different mid-card titles over the years, but the United States Championship was the most successful. Future stars like Steve Austin and Booker T won the title before moving to bigger positions years later.

Lex Luger is known for his main event runs, but he also dominated the history of the US title. The longest reign of this title was that Luger held it for 523 days before handing it over to Stan Hansen. Rick Rude finished second with 378 days, but an injury ended his reign before he could even approach Lex’s record.

1 Booker T: Most nitro matches

WCW Champion Booker T

The concept of WCW Nitro helped Eric Bischoff’s vision of WCW become a success. A weekly television that competed against WWE made WCW seem like a bigger thing. Most would assume that someone like Ric Flair or Sting had most of the matches on the show.

However, it was Booker T’s workhorse mentality that made him the most active on the show. Booker ranked 157 Nitro Matches from his time in Harlem Heat to his individual WCW championship run. Lex Luger finished second with a total of 150 games that were just below the record.

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