18 celebrities against plastic surgery, botox and fillers


From the start, Hollywood has never been kind to aging stars. But a new generation of celebs has begun to notice the physical and emotional consequences of the industry’s relentless pursuit of youthfulness. In particular, more and more celebrities are speaking out against cosmetic surgery, botox, fillers, and general cosmetic procedures. Celebs like Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry, and others have been vocal about the fact that they are choosing to embrace aging rather than seek the next magical procedure that will erase fine lines, plump sagging cheeks, or smooth foreheads.

Many anti-procedure celebrities say they don’t judge others in the industry who have chosen surgery or fillers to deal with the effects of aging. They just don’t want it for themselves. Some have tried procedures like Botox and hated the results (Jennifer Gray said it made her feel “invisible”). Many celebs have said they earned their laugh lines and don’t want to look frozen. From posing makeup-free for photoshoots to embracing the inevitable changes in their bodies, people are opening up to society’s anti-aging culture.

Some stars are even more outspoken, saying that as aging is a natural process, it’s just not normal to want to look young forever. It’s a positive message from those within an industry that has long promoted impossible standards that none of us – not even the celebs themselves – could achieve in a lifetime.

Ahead are just a few of the celebrities who have openly spoken out against fillers and plastic surgery.

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Jennifer Garner tells Harper’s Bazaar that people should be less obsessed: “Don’t think you’re 37 and you have to shoot yourself in the face. You don’t need to wear that much makeup or have that kind of constant blowout.”

Halle Berry tells Yahoo beauty that there is always someone who will suggest her to have procedures to stay alive in this business: “It’s almost like crack that people try to impose you. That’s how I feel. I just kept reminding myself that beauty really is what beauty is and it’s not so much about my physical self. Aging is natural and it will happen to all of us.”

In a new interview with Fast company, Curtis, 62, spoke out against cosmetic surgery and trendy cosmetic procedures: “The current trend of fillers and procedures and this obsession with filtering and the things we’re doing to customize our appearance on Zoom is wiping out generations of beauty,” the knife out actress said. “Once you mess with your face, you can’t get it back.”

“I don’t believe in botox because your face doesn’t move, and it’s something you have to do for the rest of your life, more and more every time,” Selma Hayek said DuJour.

Jennifer Aniston tells persons There’s tremendous pressure in Hollywood to be ageless: “I think what I’ve witnessed is seeing women trying to remain ageless with what they’re doing to themselves. I’m grateful to learn from their mistakes because I don’t throw shit in my face.”

Emma Thompson tells Hello magazine that plastic surgery is crazy: “It’s not normal, and the culture that we’ve created that says it’s normal is not normal.”

“It’s unfortunate that we live in such a panicked, dysmorphic society where women don’t even give themselves a chance to see what they’re going to look like when they get older,” said Julia Roberts ell.

Jodie Foster tells persons that plastic surgery is not her thing. “For me, it’s really a matter of self-image. I’d rather have someone say, ‘Wow, that girl has a bad nose’ than, ‘Wow, that girl has a bad nose job’.”

Julianne Moore tells Curls She doesn’t think Botox makes people look better: “I think it just makes them look like they’ve done something to their face. When you look at someone whose face has been altered in any way, it just looks weird.”

Shannon Doherty continued to post Instagram: “I was watching movies tonight and found that there are few female characters that I can identify with. You know, women without fillers, without botox, without facelifts. Women hugging her face and all the experience it showed.”

In an essay for The daily beast, Diane Keaton explained what she thinks about getting older: “I don’t see anything against facelifts or botox or fillers. They only erase the hidden battle scars. I intend to wear mine, so to speak. At least that’s what I tell myself.”

Cameron Diaz narrates ET“I tried [Botox] earlier where it was [a] little tiny touch of something. It changed my face in such a weird way that I was like, ‘No, I don’t want to [be] how [that]’…I’d rather see my face aging than a face that doesn’t belong to me at all.”

Courtney Cox tells new beauty She regrets having to be treated by doctors when she was young: “It’s kind of sad because it got me into trouble. I tried so hard to keep up and I actually made things worse.”

Stevie Nicks tells The guard: “Oh god, the botox,” she says. “Let me tell you, botox only makes you look like you’re in a satanic cult. I’ve only had it once and it wrecked my face for four months.”

Angelina Jolie tells The post: “I didn’t have anything done and I don’t think I will do it. But if it makes someone happy, that’s up to them. I’m not in someone else’s shoes to know what makes them feel better. But I have no intention of doing it myself.”

P!nk posted a letter to himself Twitter: “Letter to myself; Dear me, you are getting older. i see lines Especially when you smile. Your nose is getting bigger. You look (and feel) weird as you adjust to this new reality. But your nose looks like your children and your facial lines where you laugh.”

“I’ve never had botox or fillers,” Amanda Peet said on SiriusXM’s Conversations with Maria Menounos. “I’ve never done anything ‘invasive’ to my face.”

When Harper’s Bazaar When asked if she would ever have plastic surgery, Kristen Stewart said, “No, never. Never. I’m so freaked out by the idea of ​​doing anything. And maybe that’s completely arrogant, but I don’t want to change anything about myself.”

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