25% discount on Jennifer Aniston’s lipstick at “Friends”


Jennifer Aniston has wore the same lipstick throughout her years at Friends, and for those looking to mimic her sun-kissed “girl next door” aesthetic, this shade from MAC is a must-have.

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Regarding her perfect shade of the barely-there lip color, it turned out to be a specific shade from makeup giant MAC that she used over and over while chilling out at Central Perk.

The actress revealed the exact shade she wore while filming the show during a 2017 interview with Glamor. “MAC’s Paramount lipstick … it was a brown brick” [color]”she told the publication.” I remember it was my favorite color when I made friends.

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But who can talk about Rachel, the character of the actor, without mentioning it the Haircut she spawned? Her enviable curls on and off screen mean that when Jennifer Aniston’s hair care line finally hit the market, LolaVie became an instant hit. And when beauty fans discovered that Jennifer Aniston’s youthful glow was due to this serum, it immediately became a cult classic.

Well, if these products are good enough for Jennifer, they’re good enough for us!


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