5 items to turn your friends into addicts from Trader Joe


I grew up in a family who really enjoyed Trader Joe’s and all the holiday foods it has to offer. From blueberry goat cheese to pumpkin body lotion, Trader Joe’s has it all. When I moved to Berkeley, I was thrilled that we had Trader Joe’s just minutes from our apartment. However, I faced one problem: my roommates didn’t like Trader Joes as much as I did. How did I turn my roommates into people who go every two weeks now? With these simple iconic staples.

Sparkling peach black tea

I’m not a soda person, but the sparkling peach black tea is the only carbonated drink I’d love to drink on a daily basis. A refreshing drink that is slightly sweet and peachy, this drink goes perfectly with any meal or just on its own when you fancy something sweet.

Chile and lime rolled tortilla chips

Though takis have a special place in my heart, Trader Joe could appreciate them a little better. These chips are perfectly spicy and have such a great taste that you forget the slight lack of sharpness. Spicy and easy to eat, these chips are so addicting that I would recommend buying two bags when you go to the store (seriously).

Ube ice cream

There are many brands of Ube ice cream out there, but I think Trader Joe’s is by far the best. Although Ube is a yam, the ice cream is surprisingly creamy and not too sweet. It’s the perfect dessert for anyone with a sweet tooth and goes perfectly with the next dish.

Macarons from Trader Joe

In the freezer section, you can buy a dozen macarons in either vanilla and chocolate or an assortment at a very good price. However, these cookies are so good that they barely survive the drive home. Trader Joe’s macarons are soft and chewy with great flavor – I honestly prefer them to homemade macarons.

Chicken Tikka Masala frozen meal

It’s no secret Trader Joe’s frozen foods are iconic. However, I hardly hear anything about the frozen dishes paneer and chicken tikka masala. While not the most authentic and local businesses are preferred, these delicious frozen meals taste amazing and leave you wanting more.

Well folks, these are the staple foods I keep in my apartment all the time and they should definitely be on your shopping list the next time you go to Trader Joe’s!

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