8 Actors Who Have Been In More Than One Adam Sandler Movies


The inclusion of actors like Morgan Freeman or Melissa McCarthy in different films automatically attracts fans because it is sure to be a great watch. Adam Sandler is one of those actors who has starred in and directed so many films and put his unique stamp on each creation.

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While there are many of the best Adam Sandler dramatic roles out there, his comedy films over the years have become known not only for the humor but also for their cast. Many of these actors have appeared in more than one of his films and always stand out.


Jackie Sandler

Just go with Jackie Sandler Veruca

For many people, meeting the love of their life at work is an ideal prospect. Even more so to meet her on the set of a film. Adam Sandler met Jackie Sandler (née Titone) on the set of the 1999 film Big dadbuild a relationship from there.

Additionally, the two have collaborated on numerous films, with the latter often having cameo roles in her husband’s films. She doesn’t tend to play the love interest of Sandler’s characters, with appearances in thriller as a flight attendant and in Adults as the wife of one of Lenny’s rivals. However inside Just join usshe played a snobbish bride-to-be for Sandler’s character Danny.

David Spade

David Spade and Adam Sandler laugh in Grown Ups 2

Apparently, Adam Sandler has close friendships with the people he regularly works with on screen. David Spade is one of those actors and their bond is reflected in one of Adam Sandler’s finest films. Adults, and its continuation Adults 2.

While he also starred as one of the main characters in The Do OverSpade has sometimes faded into the background, with smaller roles like General George Armstrong Custer the ridiculous 6, that parodies the classic Western genre.

Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi as Wiley in a Grown Ups body cast

Considering Steve Buscemi has had his fair share of serious roles, including portraying Mr.Pink in Reservoir Dogs, It may come as a surprise to fans to see him appearing in numerous Adam Sandler comedies. Nonetheless, his acting performance in this genre proves to be as good as any.

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After meeting up air heads, the two became friends and Buscemi took on many roles in Sandler’s films. His work includes the role of Danny McGrath BillyMadisonWiley in Adults and Clint Fitzer there I’m pronouncing you to Chuck and Larry now.

Drew Barrymore

Lauren and Jim in white blended gowns

While most of Sandler’s films are steeped in comedy, they’re usually not without a love interest, and his romcoms always feature a down-to-earth thread between the madness that audiences love to see.

Drew Barrymore has played the love interest in three of Sandler’s films. It started with The Wedding Singer 1998, followed by one of the best Adam Sandler comedies, 50 first dates, in 2004, which showed a more complex relationship as Lucy (Barrymore) had short term memory loss. Most recently, in 2014, they appeared together in Mixed. Her work may have spanned 16 years, but her on-screen chemistry has remained fascinating, with Barrymore always bringing a sensibility to her roles.

Chris Rock

Adam Sandler Chris Rock The week of

Chris Rock has become a welcome ingredient in Adam Sandler’s films, which only enriches them. Rock found his place in the two Adults Films that allowed him to showcase his range of acting skills by playing Kurt, an emotional but hilarious stay-at-home father.

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Prior to these films, Chris Rock took on the role of Janitor in The longest yard and for his memorable performance, he deservedly won a BET Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture. With many other roles in Sandler’s films, the two have been linked.

Jennifer Aniston

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Murder Mystery

Drew Barrymore may have appeared as Sandler’s love interest in three of his films, but there had to be an actor who would fill that role in a few others. Jennifer Aniston was the actor for the job.

The duo made their first appearance together on screen Just join us in 2011 when the pair started out as friends but soon developed a closer relationship. In 2019, Aniston had a leading role in thriller as Nick’s (Sandler) wife Audrey. With a sequel in the pipeline, fans will be excited to see the duo reunite.


Eric Lamonsoff at the funeral of the trainer in Grown Ups

Kevin James is an actor whose name immediately springs to mind when Adam Sandler is mentioned. James is always a perfect fit for whatever character he is given in a Sandler film and always brings the comedy with him.

With a wealth of work to choose from for the best Adam Sandler and Kevin James film collaborations, it’s easy to see why they continue to work together. Hubie Halloween is the most recent film in which James appeared with Sandler, in which he played a police officer. But the duo hasn’t just starred in live-action films together. The first three Hotel Transylvania Movies show both Sandler and James in voice acting roles, proving they are both competent voice actors.

Nick Swardon

Jennifer Aniston and Nick Swardson in Just Do It.

In 2003, Adam Sandler noticed Nick Swardson’s Comedy Central special and decided to include him in his work. Although his roles are often small, they are always hilarious and yet have a major impact on the film.

His credits include jack and jill and Good night stories, but perhaps most notably, he appeared in Just join us as the bizarre Eddie, who still manages to bring an endearing side to the character.

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