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Wrestling is nowhere near as strict in its weight class as a sport like boxing, which is why anyone can win almost any championship. While there are some limitations, such as with the Cruiserweight Championship, there is always a small wiggle room and that has certainly been shown in the history of the Heavyweight Championship.

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Whether it’s WWE, Ring Of Honor or some other promotion, the people who host the World Championships are often very different. There have been some very serious wrestlers holding these titles over the years, but at the same time there have been some who actually found themselves underweight for an average heavyweight.

Rey Mysterio (175lbs)

Rey Mysterio 2011 WWE Champion

When it comes to lightweight wrestlers holding the World Cup, Rey Mysterio is always someone that fans think of. Mysterio was often viewed as a top cruiserweight star, and when he made the jump onto the main event scene it was quite a surprise.

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Mysterio often weighs less than its opponents, especially when it comes to the world title. However, since he is truly one of the best wrestlers of all time, wrestling fans could always overlook this.

Rich Swan (200lbs)

Rich Swann Cropped as Impact World Champion

The fact that Rich Swann’s WWE career was cruiserweight shows why he was a pretty easy champion. He wasn’t your typical heavyweight star, which is why WWE never wanted to bring him to that level.

However, when he got into Impact Wrestling, the company had no problem making him the focus of the business. He won the world title and Swann also had a fantastic run as a champion that took Impact to new heights.

Tessa Blanchard (125lbs)

Tessa Blanchard as Impact World Champion Cropped

Another wrestler who holds the Impact Wrestling World Championship is Tessa Blanchard, and she certainly isn’t nearly the typical size for a heavyweight fighter. Of course, this was a completely different situation as it is a rare situation to see a female wrestler with a men’s world title.

However, Blanchard got it right, proving that intergender wrestling can absolutely work if the right action is used, and that is exactly what happened to her, with all the cards falling into place.

Finn Balor (190 pounds)

Finn Balor as Universal Champion Cropped (1)

Finn Balor smashed the doors when he was first introduced to the main list. After a successful stint on NXT, he wasted no time becoming a top star on the flagship show as he became the first wrestler to ever hold the Universal Championship, even though it had to be vacated the next day.

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Despite the fact that it was considered a heavyweight title, Balor was the first man to win the gold despite being underweight to be considered a heavyweight star. Far from it considering he weighs only 190 pounds, but fans were more than happy with the decision.

Austin Aries (202lbs)

Aries Cropped as Impact World Champion

Austin Aries is another wrestler who went underweight to become world champion, but that didn’t stop him. While WWE placed him in 205 Live and kept him well off the world title scene, that didn’t happen during his TNA career.

Aries got a chance to hold the world title and he did so for some time. He was also an entertaining champion who had some classic encounters on the side, often against men much taller than him.

David Arquette (161lbs)

David Arquette as world champion

David Arquette is probably someone most wrestling fans have forgotten to actually host a World Heavyweight Championship in wrestling. However, the WCW made the decision to ascribe the title to the celebrity who was obviously massively underweight in order to hold the title.

This was all about advertising and was obviously something the company believed would get attention. The reality, however, was that this was mainly a negative decision that audiences didn’t really appreciate at the time, and it certainly hurts the ancestry of the title.

Adam Cole (200lbs)

Adam Cole Cropped as RAW Champion

Adam Cole was able to hold the ROH championship while at the company and build a 200-day reign with the title despite weighing only 200 pounds. It’s something that hasn’t caused too much chaos or confusion, although the majority of the people who held the title in front of it were a bit bigger.

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Cole’s incredible in-ring talent meant he would make himself a world champion for the brand as he consistently put together great matches that helped really raise the company’s flag, which was the only thing that mattered.

Bandido (183 pounds)

Bandido circumcised as world champion

The current ROH world champion is very underweight even for a standard heavyweight champion. However, that hasn’t stopped him from thriving within the company, as Bandido is capable of some masterful feats.

There are only a few better than bandido in the ring at the moment, so it makes sense to become world champion. The title is ultimately all about who the best wrestler in the world is and that’s exactly what he is for ROH.

Ranking of all WWE World Heavyweight Champions in history

The World Heavyweight Championship will always be remembered for its contribution to the WWE during its greatest growth period.

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