9-year-old online PlayStation friends meet in person for the first time at a wedding


For those unfamiliar with interacting on online forums, it may seem strange that people form lasting friendships without ever meeting in real life. Some players, such as B. two friends, but continued to meet PlayStationcan maintain a friendly relationship for years, thanks in part to the multiplayer games that can be played online.

In a case circulating among PlayStation fans, two friends recently met at a wedding for the first time in nine years of dating online. The result is a healing moment that emphasizes the power of online connections and the reality that online friends can still be just as close as those you’ve met in real life.


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According to the original poster, Reddit user McLaughlinreece, the two had been friends for nine years and until now had never met outside of their PlayStation friends list. Also, to clear up the confusion from the original post, the nine-year-old boyfriend was a guest at the wedding, not one of the attendees. However, some who joined the post commented that the two friends look a lot alike, with the poster even saying that some other guests thought they were related. In the split image, the resemblance between the two is startling.

Many of the comments range from others sharing their own experiences of meeting friends online, particularly through gaming spheres, or their own marital status. Most wanted to congratulate the original poster on the wedding. Others were pleased to see another example of gaming friendships extending outside of online communities and into the real world, as many multiplayer games fans have experienced in the past.

With the rise of online gaming, from MMO titles with huge, sprawling communities thriving within the game, to multiplayer shooters and dungeon divers, it’s not uncommon for gamers to start befriending people with which they are randomly brought together. In fact, meeting this way almost ensures that two players will share at least some interests, even if they’re new to a game they’ll be leaving shortly thereafter. So when it comes to meeting others over the internet, there are few places better than through online gaming to find other fans who may be like-minded enough to develop and maintain a lasting friendship. It shows the power of an online community that goes beyond how-to forum posts and sharing amazing accomplishments.

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