90-day fiancé: Julia is ridiculed for breaking her income limit


While 90-Day Fiancé: Happy for the rest of your life? Viewers urge Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs to get away from his parents’ farm, many think Julia is unreasonable with their expectations. The married 90 days fiance The couple has suffered memorably from the strict rules and lack of boundaries that exist his pushy parents, Betty and Ron, have prevailed. However, Julia’s expectations of her new living situation do not seem to be anchored in reality.

Russian city girl Julia fell in love with Las Vegas when the couple visited the city earlier in the season, but Brandon ended her dream of moving to Sin City with reality. Similarly, in the new episode, Julia fell in love with an apartment on Sunday night, which the couple toured only to find they couldn’t afford it on Brandon’s income alone. However, the former dancer then decided to audition for a job as a fitness and dance instructor in the gym Her daring dance moves shocked her interviewers and brought her no job offer. Some sympathize with Julia’s struggle for work in a foreign country, others believe that she should approach her life situation with more realistic expectations.

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One fan went to Reddit to review Julia’s behavior in a post titled “Julia doesn’t understand math?“The user wrote:”She’s constantly pushing for her own apartment (which I fully understand) but she doesn’t seem to understand that they have an income limit. It’s so frustrating to listen to their whining when they can’t get the big expensive apartment. ”While some critics came for Julia, others questioned the correctness of the broadcast. “I always try to remember that a certain percentage of what we see was made up for the show. As far as we know, the production asked her to play a storyline in which she desires a place to live that she can’t afford.“Emphasized one commentator. “This entire apartment shopping scene is a TLC scam. Anyone can google “apartments” [city name] [estimated budget]’. Or use apartments.com … or Zillow … or Redfin,“Agreed another angry viewer.

While some believed the scene was staged, others thought Julia might honestly be confused. “After watching her pull heels out of her gym bag…. I’m not sure if she understands a lot of things … I think she got the idea that in the US, when you’re hot, you ask for anything. Poor confused Julia“Wrote one viewer. Others believed she had false expectations. “Many of these ladies think that every / all Americans are rich. On the other hand, I am sure that their spouses are telling the whole truth …“, Interfered another commenter. Some added that some of the overseas spouses, such as Julia and Asuelu Pulaa, did not seem to have a clear understanding of the cost of living in America. However, viewers also questioned whether the American spouses might be misleading their partners about the extent of their wealth.

Although Julia and Brandon struggle under their parents’ umbrella, and also struggle with their intense jealousy problems, the couple seem less dramatic in real life. They celebrate each other frequently on social media, and Julia recently set divorce rumors that ignited after taking a picture of herself without her husband while visiting family in Russia. The dancer stated that Brandon was left behind because of work obligations and because a travel visa was difficult to get. Hence, it might appear that the seemingly happy couple are making or exaggerating some of their products 90-Day Fiancé: Happy for the rest of your life? Theatre.

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