A killer virus that Buffalo and WNY should know about


Bird flu is back! There is currently NO KNOWN THREAT TO HUMANS. However, this deadly virus will change the way you eat meat or shop. Avian flu is taking a heavy toll on a variety of birds across the country and experts say it will have a major impact on prices.

In Nebraska alone there are reports that nearly 600,000 birds are being killed due to the current outbreak of bird flu.

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) announced Tuesday that it has confirmed a case of highly contagious avian influenza in a commercial flock of 570,000 broilers and that the birds will be “humanely depopulated and disposed of.”

Avian flu does not appear to be transmissible to humans, but it does endanger many species of birds from farms to the wild. Consumers can’t seem to take a break! As soon as the costly COVID pandemic seemed to be ending, the war in Ukraine forced gas prices to skyrocket here in the United States, and now we have bird flu to worry about.

I haven’t heard of a specific outbreak here in western New York, but years ago bird flu stopped many farmers from showing their birds at local county fairs. Auctions and sales have also been restricted over fears of an outbreak.

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