According to a survey commissioned by Slickdeals, 56 percent of Americans brag to their friends and family about a sale they found


More than half (56%) brag to their friends and family about a sale they found.

Sixty-nine percent of respondents said they want to share their great deals so others can find great purchases too. 58 percent tend to tell strangers how much money they saved when they received a compliment on their sale-bought outfit.

After finding a good deal, 52% of respondents said they need to sit back and think about what just happened. On average, these reflections can take up to 30 minutes.

Some respondents said that the best deals they have ever found in their life include huge discounts on designer clothes, exercise equipment, and jewelry.

One respondent even remembered the rating a $ 500 flight from Hong Kong to Chicago so that they can be reunited with their spouse.

According to Ryan Tronier, Senior Personal Finance Editor at Slickdeals, “Many of us have discovered a lot and want to share it with our friends and family. The access we have online helps us share information with a larger pool of people and people-led Deal hunting is growing in popularity. “

However, there is more to searching for offers than just specifying rights. Data showed that three in four Americans search for deals online because they want to save money. In fact, 45% only buy products when they are on sale – claiming they never pay full price for something they find online.

75 percent said that finding the best value is more important to them than just buying into a sale because something is cheap.

In order to capture products as they go on sale, 44% of people have set up sales alerts. Eighty-nine percent of sale alert users said it made it a lot easier for them to find offers online.

People will also keep an eye on an outstanding deal for an average of nine days before giving up.

Currently, respondents say they are on the lookout for clothing (44%), shoes (33%) and groceries (31%).

Meanwhile, video game consoles (21%), computer parts (17%) and home appliances (15%).

Fifty-one percent of Americans buy a hard-to-find product even when it’s not on sale. Half said they didn’t like or care about people reselling and scalping hard-to-find products online.

Interestingly, however, 39% said their feelings change when they suddenly sell products.

Tronier of Slickdeals added, “Whether to brag, have fun or save money, this survey shows that consumers are actively looking for the best value for money, the best deals at any given time. It’s like having 12 million friends helping you understand if you’re getting the best deal. “



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To learn more about the survey, visit here.

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