Adam Sandler reveals how Murder Mystery 2 co-star Jennifer Aniston helps keep him fit


There is no one on this earth whom I envy more than those who can call themselves a friend of Adam Sandler. Jennifer Aniston was near that Billy Madison Star for a long time, even before starring opposite him Just go with it and later from Netflix Thriller. The long friendship is likely why Aniston is as conscious of Sandler’s health as he is now revealing how to do his Murder Secret 2 Co-star helps keep him sane when they work together, something that hopefully will carry on for the shoot too the upcoming sequel to Netflix.

In a quote for Jennifer Aniston’s profile feature, the Sandman told The Hollywood Reporter that the friends star regularly forges plans with his wife to make him a “healthier person”. Apparently it does this in a number of ways. Here is something the previous SNL actor says in his own words:

She’s certainly not afraid of me showing up on set and there are quite a few shakes in my trailer that I should drink and they’re usually green. And I actually drink it so I can look her in the eyes. You and my wife enjoy tag teaming to try and make me a healthier person. For example, they want me to stretch more – after all, I can touch my toes, which I’m about 9 inches away from.

Adam Sandler is even famously humble common cheap restaurants like IHOP and be a real class performance when it comes to his fans. He also seems cool with being the center of a. to be TikTok trend focused on his casual fashion sense. Even so, I can imagine there aren’t too many people outside of his own family that he would feel obligated to have a green smoothie for, and apparently his old pal qualifies as someone he couldn’t “look into” the eye ”when he did not comply with her wishes.

Although the Hubie Halloween Star claims he couldn’t get even half a foot to his toes with a stretch, which I find a little hard to believe. Although he doesn’t really look like that, the actor and comedian is can cling with the best of them. He was seen Pickup playing basketball on many occasions, and he’s actually really good.

With this skill he has to be reasonably fit, even if the thought of drinking a green smoothie has to be strongly encouraged by his wife and a decades-long friendship with Jennifer Aniston. However, if he is looking to take health advice from anyone, Aniston would be a great choice as she is still an absolute marvel.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Murder Secret 2 hasn’t started filming yet and while we don’t know much about it, we can hope for a fun movie considering how much fun the two have when they get together. With the film opening early next year, it’s not yet clear whether we’ll see the result in 2022. However, you can see what the film industry has to offer in the New Year The updated list of new releases from CinemaBlend.


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