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Twenty-six years since the first Scream movie released, SCREAM caused quite a stir in cinemas and on home screens with its long-awaited release in January 2022. Since then, fans of the genre-defining horror franchise have been clamoring to get their hands on a physical copy of the film, rumored to showcase irresistible bonus content that may give audiences a glimpse into the future of the franchise’s revival. After nearly three months of waiting, the Blu-ray and DVD versions of the film were here finally released in the US on April 5, 2022.

Released in 1996, the first Scream The film introduced us to high school student Sidney Prescott, police officer Dewey Riley and tabloid journalist Gale Weathers as the original Ghostface hitman made his way through the small town of Woodsboro. With ten years in between scream 4 and the latest addition to the franchise, a lot has changed for the characters, aside from a few classics Scream Horror tropes and the trembling fear of teenagers. With a sixth film on the horizon, a lot will change for the franchise. If you want a first look at what’s to come for the franchise and want to delve deep into the world and characters of Scream, you may need to get a copy. Now without further ado, here are all the bonus features included in it SCREAM‘s Blu-ray and DVD releases.


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SCREAM Deleted scenes

33 minutes of scenes were eventually cut from the film, some of which tethered loose ends, changed the perspective of some characters in times of murders, or gave a glimpse of the deep emotional turmoil the main characters were going through. As always with deleted scenes, there is a chance for easter eggs and possible dialogue changes for continuity in the upcoming sequel. Make sure you’re on the lookout for suspects, you never know what or who might be lurking just out of sight. Here’s a look at some of the scenes that many die-hard fans would have liked to have seen.

  • Outside Wes and Judy’s house, Sam follows the sound of sirens and walks over to Mindy, who is standing by a message truck as the police surround the house. The young women both ask why the other is there and exchange suspicious looks. Mindy says she followed the sirens too, but Sam doesn’t seem to believe her and wonders how she got there so quickly.
  • After the attack on the hospital, the police conduct interrogations at the ward. Respondents include Amber, Mindy, and Chad We s. What was said during these interviews and in the waiting room could give you a deeper insight into each of these characters.
  • Dewey is said to have lost his job as a sheriff because of his drinking, so it’s no surprise to find the unlucky character in a bar and getting into trouble after one drink too many. After some back and forth, Vince Dewey stops at the knife point. This scene gives a glimpse of the deep pain and despair the character goes through after his divorce.
  • After the police are called to the two for fighting at the bar, Dewey finds himself back in the sheriff’s station, on the wrong side of the desk. This scene is one in particular Scream The fans’ request was incorporated into the final cut. Dewey speaks to Judy alone in her office and the two discuss the difficult times they’ve both been through and how things have gone downhill for Dewey. This scene gives the audience a glimpse of the relationship between the two sheriffs that many wanted to morph into something more.

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new blood

The section entitled New Blood introduces Woodsboro’s new generation of potential victims and killers. Many are speculating that the upcoming sixth film will feature some of these new characters, so make sure you get to know each of them in detail – you never know what they might be hiding.

Bloodlines – Cast Interviews

Stars in these cast interviews Never Campbell, Courtney Coxand David Arquette Break down their characters and dissect their roles in the classic horror franchise. Additionally, the stars talk about what motivated them to return for a fifth film after ten years and what they think of the franchise’s revival. Join the interviews that are sure to provide inside information on the main characters of the genre-defining franchise.

In the filmmakers’ commentary, the audience can listen to the directors (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet) and writers (James Vanderbilt and Guy Busseck) as they discuss horror tropes, their inspirations and creative choices, along with the rules for surviving the Ghostface killers and making it through a Scream film alive. Be sure to take notes for the next time someone asks you what your favorite scary movie is.

In the shadow of the master

This video is a tribute to the greats Wes Craven, a master of the horror genre whose cultural influence has influenced television and film since his first attempt at creating a slasher film. Craven is known for being creative A nightmare on Elm Streetand directing films such as The hills have eyes (1977), The last house on the leftand of course the first four Scream movies. Now that the horror pioneer has passed away, this tribute shows the effort and love that went into creating a fifth Scream Film that would honor the work and legacy of the Sultan of Shock.

The writers and directors hope to continue Craven’s vision for the film Scream Franchise also in upcoming sixth film. Courtney Cox recently announced that she is involved in the sixth film and with the script now complete, the cast is preparing to begin filming in June 2022. If you want to know more about the upcoming film Scream 6 Then be sure to read on using the link below.

Scream 5 Final Poster Social Featured

Scream 6 gets 2023 release date

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