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There are some highly anticipated films to be shown over the next calendar year, and upcoming titles include Major Horror movies comes in 2022. Oddly enough, the horror genre was a major factor in bringing the box office back to life. A Quiet Place Part II, Spiral, and The incantation: The devil made me do it Released in the spring of 2021, just as cinemas were reopening around the world. Although many studios continue to release films in theaters, others are adjusting to the new normal with streaming platforms that will continue with horror films in 2022.

Despite restrictions on accessibility for part of 2021, there was no shortage of horror films. Zack Snyders Army of the Dead got a lot of buzz by combining a heist film with the zombie subgenre. Netflix also got a lot of attention after the release of the Scared street Trilogy. As for the continuations of well-known properties, in 2021 came the arrival of Nia DaCostas Candy man and David Gordon Greens Halloween kills. Other notable publications included Vicious, last night in Soho, and the Night house.


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The horror films of 2022 will continue the trend of classic reboots and revivals, bringing back iconic characters like Ghostface, Leatherface, Pinhead and Michael Myers. There will be titles based on popular novels as well as original stories developed by worthy names. With this in mind, all of the great horror films come in 2022.

Scream – Jan 14, 2022

Scream 2022 character poster tease big twist

The long awaited Scream The sequel will start the horror slate of 2022 eleven years after the last part. The fifth film in the franchise will be the first without horror legend Wes Craven, but the film will go back to its roots. The core trio of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Dewey Riley (David Arquette) and Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) will be back in the mix along with a new group of Woodsboro teenagers attacked by Ghostface. The figure behind the mask has a connection to the past and present like the Scream movie made from Ready or NotMatt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett mix the different eras of the franchise together. Plus, viewers can expect Melissa Barrera to play a key role as Sidney-like character Sam Carpenter.

Morbius – January 28, 2022

Morbius Jared Leto

Marvel is set to re-dive into the horror genre with the release of Morbius, a film based on the cartoon character Michael Morbius. Set in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (SPUMC), the film will focus on Jared Leto as the scientist who studies a rare blood disease that leads to vampirism and forces him to seek a cure. Morbius’ friend Loxias Crown (Matt Smith) is another victim of the disease as the FBI agents, played by Tyrese Gibson and Al Madrigal, have vampires on their radar. Daniel Espinosa’s Morbius will also feature the return of Michael Keaton’s Vulture, who has appeared on the MCU and SPUMC.

Orphan: First Kill – January 28, 2022

2009 Orphaned wasn’t a critical success, but the psychological horror film found a fan base that eventually led to another part. Instead of going the sequel route, the story comes in the form of a prequel with the title. expanded Orphan: First Kill. Actress Isabelle Fuhrman is back as Leena Klammer, a woman with a form of dwarfism that enables her to play a child named “Esthers”. This time around, she fakes a married couple played by Julia Stiles and Rossif Sutherland while pretending to be their missing daughter. The wife, Katie, has her suspicions, which leads to Leena becoming violent.

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The chainsaw massacre in Texas – February 18, 2022

Texas Chainsaw Massacre restart saves the series

When acquiring the rights to The Texas chainsaw massacre Right, Legendary got the ball moving with a new sequel that serves as a direct sequel to the 1974s The Texas chainsaw massacre. Co-written by Fede Álvarez and directed by David Blue Garcia, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre follows sisters Melody (Sarah Yarkin) and Lila (Elsie Fisher), who move with friends to a small town in Texas to find a new opportunity. Soon they encounter Leatherface (Mark Burnham) and the chaos that surrounds his sadistic family. Final Girl Sally Hardesty will also perform, but this time she will be played by Olwen Fouéré. Texas Chainsaws Massacre will bypass the cinemas and instead publish exclusively on Netflix.

The black phone – June 24, 2022

Scott Derricksons The black phone will make its wide release after the official premiere in September 2021 as part of the Fantastic Fest. The film, co-written by C. Robert Cargill, is based on the 2004 novella by writer Joe Hill. The story is about a serial killer named The Grabber (Ethan Hawke) who died in a town in Colorado in the 1970s Aims children. Finney Shaw (Mason Thames) becomes a new victim before turning on an unplugged phone in the basement, seemingly broadcasting messages from previous victims. The Black Phone has received positive reviews on preview shows, proving that Derrickson has found a worthwhile venture after leaving Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

No – July 22, 2022

Details on the release date of the cast of Jordan Peele Nope

Jordan Peele’s next film, entitled Lower Austria, will arrive in mid-2022. Only the release date was announced for a while, but Universal Pictures has since revealed a portion of the cast, including Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, and Barbie Ferreira. Kaluuya played in, of course Get out, the first film that Peele wrote, directed and produced. Aside from the poster showing an ominous cloud over a small town, not much has been revealed. Granted, involved with Peele, expectations for this 2022 horror film are high.

Salem’s Lot – September 9, 2022

Salems Lot Stephen King 4 cuts

A new adaptation by Stephen Kings Salem’s lot coming fall 2022. Based on King’s 1975 novel of the same name, Salem’s lot follows a writer named Ben Mears (Lewis Pullman) who returns to his hometown of Jerusalem’s Lot and finds that it is being terrorized by a vampire. Instead of running away, Ben finds allies willing to protect the city. The novel was the starting material for several projects, including the most recent series, entitled Chapel attendant, a mixture of King’s Salem’s Lot and the short story “Jerusalem’s Lot”. Other cast members in this version of Gary Dauberman include Makenzie Leigh, Bill Camp, Spencer Treat Clark, Alfre Woodard, William Sadler and Pilou Asbæk.

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Halloween ends – October 14, 2022


David Gordon Greens Modern Halloween Trilogy is officially named appropriately Halloween ends in October 2022. Originally planned for 2021, the third entry in the series and the fourth in the current continuity have been postponed Halloween kills‘Years of delay. Halloween ends will start four years after the previous film and bring the story to the present as Michael Myers is very much alive and seemingly immortal. Survivors Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her granddaughter Allyson Nelson (Andi Matichak) will surely seek revenge over the deaths of friends and family, including Laurie’s daughter and Allyson’s mother, Karen (Judy Greer).

Evil Dead Rise – October 21, 2022

Evil Dead Rise Set Photo

A new tranche is expected in the evil Dead Franchise, thank you Evil Dead Rise. The fifth film in the series comes almost a decade after 2013 Evil Dead, a fresh start by Fede Álvarez who loosely followed the events of previous films. Although Bruce Campbell doesn’t repeat his iconic role as Deadite slayer Ash Williams, the actor serves as executive producer alongside franchise creator Sam Raimi. Evil Dead Rise will follow sisters Ellie and Beth who get their hands on a dangerous book, presumably this Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, an ancient object with the power to summon evil demonic creatures. Instead of debuting in theaters Evil Dead Rise will premiere on HBO Max just in time for Halloween 2022.

Hellraiser – TBA

female pinhead hellraiser reboot

Apart from expanding well-known horror franchises like Scream, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, and evil Dead, 2022 will also see the return of Hellraiser. The film, which bears the same title as the original from 1987, is the eleventh feature film in the series that has made Pinhead one of the most popular horror icons. Hellraiser comes four years after the last installment, Hellraiser: Verdictbut it is expected to act as a franchise reboot. In the early stages of the remake’s development, Doug Bradley was supposed to repeat his role as Pinhead, but the new film starred Jamie Clayton instead. Odessa A’zion embodies the protagonist of David Bruckner’s Modern Horror movie Revival, which will debut exclusively on Hulu.

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