An honest review of Homecourt’s kitchen trio cleaning kit

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When I first heard about Courteney Cox’s new line of cleaning products, I was intrigued. Unlike many of her celebrity friends who have turned to beauty to fulfill their entrepreneurial aspirations, Cox has taken a completely different path. Her cleaning product brand, Homecourt, is all about the idea of ​​maintaining and increasing the well-being of your home, one squirt at a time.

“Our home is the only place that can bring a sense of calm and serenity into our lives. Together we strive for good health, good habits and wellness routines that make us feel our best – so why not extend that philosophy to home care?” Cox wrote on the brand’s website.

That’s the ethos behind the company’s three marquee products: a gentle surface cleaner ($20), an ultra-nourishing hand wash ($30), and a floral dish soap ($25). You can buy each individually or together in a value pack for $70. About a month ago I had the opportunity to test each product and was pleasantly surprised at how well they transformed my daily cleansing rituals.

First, everything is designed for sustainability. The brand only uses recycled materials and eco-friendly ingredients. For example, the sleek black packaging is made from “100 percent recycled plastic,” as stated by the brand. Additionally, the Surface Cleaner, Hand Wash, and Dish Soap all contain botanicals and skin-care ingredients such as sustainably harvested eucalyptus and upcycled rosewater, while containing stronger chemical ingredients found in other cleaning and cosmetic products such as triclosan (which is used to reduce bacteria) and phthalates are all on the brand’s no-no list.

But even without those ingredients that we’re likely to find in traditional cleaning solutions, the formulas can deliver. In fact, it’s this omission of some of those questionable ingredients combined with the lovely floral scents that made me fall in love with the brand – and the fact that the solution actually cleans really well and leaves surfaces shiny.

The surface cleaner

Offered in four scents (Steeped Rose, Neroli Leaf, Cipres Mint, and Cece, an earthy cedarwood), the surface cleaner is safe to use on almost any non-porous surface, including most woods, stainless steel, and granite. I found myself frequently wiping down my tile countertops with it. All in all, it does a good job of removing soft stains, thanks to the coconut-derived degreaser, which naturally helps dissolve grease and break up dirt. It’s a great cleaner if you have a particularly greasy kitchen (or a small kitchen that tends to collect grease after cooking). You’d think the gentler ingredients would make it harder to penetrate the oil, but it wasn’t!

The hand wash

Hand washing is also surprisingly gentle. It has a clear gel consistency that creates a luxurious lather when washing hands. But despite the extra bubbles, the soap doesn’t leave your hands cactus-dry. Instead, it has a moisturizing and softening effect, thanks in part to Australian hibiscus flower extract. And while I’m not the biggest fan of scented cleaning products or soaps, this one changed my mind. It’s incredibly subtle – depending on how many products you use – and leaves hands feeling fresh and clean.

The dish soap

Overall, the dish soap and hand wash are my favorites, hands down (literally). Both are skin-friendly and contain moisturizing ingredients like argan oil and glycerin that help keep skin from drying out. In addition, the dish soap works hard to remove stubborn stains and odors, like those nasty grill marks that appear on your pots and pans when you overcook meat, or that pesto that’s getting hard on your plate. The formula contains gentle plant-derived surfactants that help break down grease build-up and hidden residue.

The scent options also deserve kudos in my opinion. Unlike some chemically smelling surface cleaners that need to air out after spraying, these smell like you just lit a candle. If you are looking for a way to clean your home and to create a wonderfully smelling environment on the go, these are a sure bet.

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Our editors independently select these products. By making a purchase through our links, Well+Good may earn a commission.


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