Are Alex Hall & Kayla Still Friends? The “Selling The OC” stars show where they stand today


When Sell ​​the OC begins, Oppenheim Group real estate agents Alex Hall and Kayla Cardona appear to be close. But then several things happen that cause the two women to drift away from each other and back again. and finally apart. When the agents have that showdown on the yacht, it’s hard to tell if Kayla and Hall will end up being friends Sell ​​the OC Season 1.

Two major issues during the season threatened Kayla and Hall’s friendship. The first was that Kayla allegedly got drunk at a hangout session with all the agents and was trying to fool Tyler Stanaland, who is married to actress Brittany Snow. And the show revealed that this wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. The other women in the office — notably Polly Brindle, Brandi Marshall, and Hall — criticized Kayla’s behavior and responded to her criticism.

Hall tells Bustle that people didn’t see that Tyler was much more uncomfortable behind the scenes than he looks on the show, prompting them to come to his defense. “It was just really annoying because Tyler got to a point where he was like, ‘Well, I’m just not going to come by after work,'” she says. “It was upsetting to all of us because we didn’t think it was fair.” Still, Tyler Bustle says his and Kayla’s relationship is fine after she apologized on the show, and he doesn’t think it’s still an issue .

As the other women pushed her away, Kayla joined Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose, two agents who aren’t close with the rest of the cast. While all of this was happening, Kayla continued to work with Hall on a co-listing, but the collaboration didn’t help with her personal issues, leading to an O Group team meeting where Hall called Kayla. Hall claimed she did all the work on the listing.


Since the show premiered, the two agents aren’t as close as they used to be. Hall says after watching the episodes, she texted Kayla but heard nothing. They’re polite at work events, but Hall thinks she and Kayla “have been more withdrawn since the show.”

Despite this, Hall thinks she and Kayla are just different, which became more apparent when they worked on the same listing with a client that Hall says Kayla met at an in-person event. Hall shares that she has learned to be strictly business oriented when working with most male clients. “There’s no pleasure until the deal is done [for me]’ Hall explains, adding that this type of attitude ruined the client’s ‘game plan’ for sales. “Kayla is a pretty girl; She meets a cute single guy and hits me up. So I had the conversation with her too. I said, “That’s my advice to you: don’t pollute the water and stay very professional.” Hall says the client didn’t seem to like that approach and ended up calling Hall a “used car salesman,” which Kayla echoes on the show. “It’s the furthest I’ve come from, so I don’t really take it personally,” says Hall. “I think the fact that Kayla said that in a group setting in front of my other colleagues was inappropriate.”

Until the cast got a little taste Sell ​​the OC a few weeks before Premiere tells Kayla Bustle that it was warm between her and Hall. Now she’s questioning some of the things Hall said behind her back on the show. “I was completely unprepared. I had no idea she felt a certain way about me. I trusted her more than anyone else,” says Kayla. “We shared a lot of personal things together, including off camera, and I really confided in her. I’m not crazy. I am not annoyed. I’m just extremely disappointed.”

Kayla has been in touch with Jarvis and Rose since watching the episodes and explains that they are quite close, especially now that she understands what the two were trying to say on the yacht. In the season finale, the fellow cast members accused Jarvis and Rose of making Kayla cry by bringing up the situation with Tyler again. But Kayla now sees that the women seemed to take their side, wondering if Hall’s and the others’ interactions with Tyler could also be considered flirtatious. Kayla adds that she’s spoken to Tyler since watching the episodes and confirms that the issues between them have been resolved.

As viewers watch the show and start picking sides, Hall and Kayla will likely have a lot more to say about their relationship. Hopefully they’ll be able to express it all on camera when Sell ​​the OC returns for Season 2.


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