Aubrey Plaza recalls the full method for a disastrous Scream audition


Aubrey Plaza is considering auditioning for the role of Ghostface in The Bombshell Scream Franchise. Plaza is an actress known for her dry wit, sarcastic lines and the darkness in the characters she impersonates. She is best known for her role as April Ludgate Parks and Recreation, a young, cynical member of the parks department and the love interest of Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt). Plaza has also starred in several cult classics, such as Scott pilgrim vs the world, Ingrid goes westand That small hours.


Scream is a slasher film directed by the late horror icon Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson. The original 1996 film stars Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott, a young girl who is tormented by an anonymous caller just a year after her mother’s tragic murder. The caller takes on the role of Ghostface, an iconic masked character who wears a long black robe and is armed with a blade. Throughout the film, Ghostface picks off Sidney’s friends one by one until her true identity is revealed. Scream‘s confidence and meta-comments on horror tropes continue to resonate with fans eager to identify the masked killer in each episode. Scream has received four sequels so far, most recently with the 2022 soft reboot, as well as an MTV television series that ran for three seasons.

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When speaking to Liv MarkPlaza gets candid about her disaster Scream Audition where she lost the role of Ghostface. When asked if she’s ever had an audition go wrong, Plaza says she was turned down many times while working in New York. The actor then recalls auditioning for a Scream Movie. Plaza says:

One of the earlier auditions – that’s not even that bad, but I just remember one of the earlier auditions I had was for Wes Craven for the Scream remake, right? And they had said to me, “You go to the audition to play — you’re going to play a character that you eventually find out is the killer.” So I really took that literally and I kind of thought, “Okay, me gonna dress like the killer” you know And I walked in looking awful, I was really frumpy because I was like, “I’m a killer.” And then everyone else was glamorous and they all looked great. I just looked crazy. And they said, “The whole point is, you’re not supposed to know that you’re the killer, and you look like a killer pretty much straight away.” Anyway, I screwed up. I didn’t make it very far… I went the full method, and it was a bad, really bad idea.

Which Scream movie could Aubrey Plaza have auditioned for?

While Plaza doesn’t directly mention what rate in the Scream franchise she auditioned for, it’s easy to put the pieces together. Prior to the franchise’s latest film, the last attempt to reboot the series was in 2011 scream 4 The film follows Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) who, jealous of her cousin Sidney Prescott’s fame, devises a plan to reenact the Ghostface murders. Since Plaza hadn’t started appearing in screen roles in the original Scream films were made, it is likely that scream 4 is the movie she auditioned for. Despite her failed audition, Plaza fits this version of Ghostface and would have given the character her unique dark humor.

Although the film had recurring cast members and was well received by fans, scream 4 didn’t have the same larger cultural impact as the original trilogy over a decade earlier. Because of this mixed reception, the franchise only returned to the big screen this year Scream, featuring a new cast of characters in addition to returning actors Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox. scream 6 is scheduled for release in March 2023, with more sequels likely to follow. There may be an opportunity for Plaza to decorate a Ghostface mask in the future Scream Movie.

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