Austin ‘homes were inspired by “friends”


Netflix has a new reality show where strangers live together in Austin. Twentysomethings: Austin showed the actors who lived next to each other in not just one but two houses. The showrunner explained how the apartments in friends inspired this setup.

The cast of ‘Twentysomethings: Austin’ lived side by side

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Most reality shows have the entire cast live together. but Twenty changed things with the boys in one apartment and the girls in another. They were next to each other so that they could talk from the balcony.

This meant that the season began with Abbey Humphreys, Isha Punja, Natalie Cabo, and Raquel Daniels living together. Then Bruce Stephenson, Michael Fractor, Keauno Perez and Kamari Bonds lived in a different house.

Over time, the performers tried to find jobs or advance their careers. A very famous show inspired this living situation.

Twentysomethings: Austin homes were inspired by Friends

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friends began with Monica Geller (Jennifer Aniston) and Rachel Greene (Courteney Cox) living together in a two-bedroom rented apartment. Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) and Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) lived together on the other side of the hall for a while.

Sometimes it changed who lived in which apartment, but the show worked because the characters stayed very close to each other until the end. The creators of the new reality show wanted to copy this formula for the Netflix show.

“We continued talking about this idea of friends, and how friends had them in apartments across the hall, ”Ian Gelfand, showrunner, told Us Weekly. “We just wanted to try something like that and see how it worked, and we feel like it worked really well. Nobody feels uncomfortable, everyone has their own room. Everyone has a place to go. “

The cast had happy moments together in the kitchen, bedrooms and living room. But when things got dramatic, the stars could go to their own rooms for some space.

Where are the apartments located?

(L to R) Raquel Daniels, Natalie Cabo, Isha Punja and Abbey Humphreys in Twentysomethings: Austin | Netflix © 2021

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The iconic apartment that was used on friends used a real apartment in New York for the outside area. This apartment is located at 90 Bedford Street on the corner of Grove Street, according to Free Tours by Foot. The interior of the apartment was a set found in LA

Some fans believed they had also found the address of the houses that were used on Twenties. One person posted on Reddit that they spotted 1110/1112 Ebert Ave on Zillow and the units looked very similar.

It is still unclear whether the new reality show will have a second season. But the title suggests that it is similar to that in various places Real world.


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