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The library is fully open and ready for use. With that in mind, head to Friends of the Library bookstore for their bargain prices for good clean items – 25 cents to $ 2. Check out their golf corner. Buy and watch your game improve or donate again for others to benefit.

Great new books

Willie Nelson’s letters to America by Willie Nelson with Turk Pipkin. Willie’s latest book – a series of letters from the heart, along with lyrics to some of his greatest hits – references his incredible seventy year music career, loving family life, and role as an American icon and scripture of wit and wisdom.

Geniuses At War: Bletchley Park, Colossus, and The Dawn of the Digital Age by David A. Pierce. The author brings his expertise in history and technology to excellent use in his latest book. Following the exploits of the colorful collection of geniuses installed in Bletchley Park during World War II, he weaves a magnificent, compelling and understandable narrative of the technological innovations that were used to break the many military and police codes and ciphers of the Nazis. In this book, the code breakers come to life as people grapple with personal conflict and politics while working together (and sometimes against each other) in the relatively egalitarian environment of Bletchley. Many of the group’s innovations find attention in Price, but he mainly focuses on the events and people who were involved in the invention of Colossus – the first programmable electronic digital computer that was supposed to crack the German armed forces’ Lorenz cipher.

The secret keeper of Jaipur by Alka Joshi. Shimla, which could put Nimmi in danger. It is only after Malik has enlisted the help of Lakshmi and its connections with the Royal Palace that justice can be served. This successor to The Henna Artist picks up the story 12 years later and is told alternately with the voices of the henna artist Lakshmi; her protégé Malik; and Nimmi, Malik’s lover. The year is 1969 and Malik is studying building trade under the guidance of the Singh family and is training in the Facility Office of the Jaipur Royal Palace. When part of their biggest project, the Royal Jewel Cinema, collapses on opening night, the blame is quickly forgiven. Meanwhile, Lakshmi runs the Lady Reading Healing Garden while her husband, Dr. Jay Kumar, who runs the community clinic. They invite Nimmi to coordinate the healing garden and thus create opportunities that the facets of Malik’s life – personal / professional and traditional / modern – overlap. When Malik tries to sort out the person blamed for the cinema breakdown, he uncovers shameful links between his mentors and his life in Shimla that could put Nimmi at risk. It is only after Malik has enlisted the help of Lakshmi and its connections with the Royal Palace that justice can be served.

Never pay the first bill and other ways to fight and win the health system by Marshall Allen. This is the guerrilla guide to health care that the American people and employers need. Drawing on 15 years of research into the healthcare industry, reporter Marshall Allen shows how companies and individuals have managed to get medical providers to behave fairly, and shows how you can, too. It highlights the industry’s pressure points and shows how businesses and individuals have battled overbills, price gouging, insurance denials and more to get the care they deserve. Allen creates a practical plan to protect yourself from the system’s predatory practices, providing the inspiration you need and proven strategies.

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Which animal holds the best time? guard dog

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Everyone has stomach problems from time to time, and the occasional indigestion is usually not a cause for concern. However, doctors point out that there are some gastrointestinal symptoms that you shouldn’t write off as they could indicate something serious. These include persistent diarrhea (particularly associated with a fever, cough, or loss of taste and smell), blood in your stool, difficulty swallowing, unexplained weight loss (particularly associated with abdominal pain), chronic or persistent constipation (especially if you are in pain).

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Why did the Vikings buy an old boat? He couldn’t make a new fjord.

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