Battle of the Bones [Interview]


Tasie Lawrence brings her charm to the comedy as an assistant Domino: Battle of the Bones. Lawrence plays the assistant to a tournament coordinator, played by David Arquette. A film directed by NBA All-Star Baron Davis.

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DOMINO: Battle of the Bones follows a competitive domino player (Lou Beatty Jr. “Find normality”) From Compton, who reluctantly agrees to babysit his white, nerdy step-child (Nathan Dana).How not to be bullied“). When he discovers the boy’s crazy abilities, the two put their differences aside and team up to win a dominoes tournament. They’re not the only team to bring in their A-Game – heavy clubs from every block throw, each with a special trick up their sleeve.

Snoop Dogg in Domino: Battle of the Bones

Tasie Lawrence is a British actress and former star in the pop rock band The WooWoos. She is known for television series like House of Anubis, CBS Criminal thoughts, Fox’s The resident, and First Women’s Club. Films like Everything before and Shoot me nice me. Next she’ll be in the horror movie Captured.

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Domino: Battle of the Bones
David Arquette and Baron Davis in Dominoes: Battle of the Bones.

I was connected to Tasie Lawrence through Zoom to discuss her participation in Domino: Battle of the Bones. Lawrence shared her experiences with David Arquette and directed by Baron Davis. Added to this is the convenience of working with your accent and more.

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DOMINO: Battle of the Bones is available as VOD on July 20, 2021.

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