Bethel Cinema announces reopening and name change


It has been over a year since the Bethel cinema succumbed to the pandemic and closed its doors, but now the cinema is slated to reopen under new ownership.

It has been a staple of independent films and feature films for the past 15 years. In April 2020, Bethel Cinema owners Pam Karpen and Ken Karlan announced the closure of the theater but were hoping someone would step up and take over the theater.

Well, that’s what happened when Bethel’s Jaimie Lockwood announced on Facebook the other day that she and her husband Frank are planning to reopen the theater, but with a name change. When it reopens, the new theater will be known as Greenwood Features.

Here’s what Jamie Lockwood posted on Facebook to let the community know about the cinema’s reopening:

Hello neighbours,
As some of you have heard, the theater is returning to Bethel. My husband and I recently bought the cinema and hope to reopen in a few months.

According to, the Lockwoods are no strangers to running a business. You own the Reverie Brewing Co. in Newtown and intend to sell their brewery’s beer in the new theater as part of the plan for the new Greenwood Features.

The former Bethel Cinema was one of the few independent movie theaters in the state, and according to Lockwood’s Facebook post, the new plan is to preserve all the things people loved about the cinema and make the space more memorable for moviegoers.

The Lockwoods have also created a new Facebook page so people can follow the transition and get the latest Greenwood features news.

There is currently no set date for the opening, but based on the local reaction around Bethel, people seemed very happy that the theater is returning to town.

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