Blue Bloods’ Tom Selleck reveals the truth about Frank’s love life


During the Parade interview, Tom Selleck admitted his character isn’t worried about his dating life. He explained that Frank is getting older and “still carries[s] his wedding ring,” which may indicate that he is not yet over the death of his wife. The “Three Men and a Baby” actor went on to say that Frank is “focused on his work” and gives him little time to pursue a romantic relationship. Selleck then discussed the technicalities of hiring an actress to portray Frank’s love interest. He noted that due to the fact that his character is “vulnerable” and likely having some bonding issues, a potential romance needs to be explored in some episodes.

“It takes a lot of planning. He’s constantly attracted to women, but dating is another matter. I don’t know how to get a date in an episode,” the actor explained.

Selleck then mentioned that he guest-starred on Friends as Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) as Dr. Richard Burke was known. According to IMDb, the “Magnum PI” star appeared in 10 episodes of the show. He noted that whoever gets cast as Frank’s girlfriend would likely have to stay with the show.

“You have to hire someone who’s willing, No. 1, to take a leap of faith like I did with ‘Friends’ — there was no script — and have a significant arc. It’s the only way to do it,” the performer said.


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