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The British distribution company Blue Finch Films has taken over the worldwide rights to the documentary Once upon a time in Uganda which will have its world premiere at Fantastic Fest next month.

Set in the slums of Uganda, the film follows two men from opposite sides of the world who come together over a mutual love for Chuck Norris. Isaac, a former brick maker in Uganda, decides to pick up a camera and shoot his own 80s-inspired action epics, and Alan, a New York film nerd, gives up his American life to himself to partner with Isaac after seeing a trailer for one of his films online. The two become famous on the Internet with their work from “Wakaliwood”.

Cathryne Czubek directed, wrote and produced the film. Amanda Hughes was a co-author. Gigi Dement, Matt Porwoll and Hugo Perez co-produced; the latter also co-directs.

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Once upon a time in Uganda really hit a nerve with us. A happy story not only about cinema and creativity without financial constraints, but also about friendship across continents. Cathryne and her team have made a contemporary film that manages to be both really touching and wildly humorous, ”said Mike Chapman of Blue Finch Films

“It’s hard to describe what a spectacular journey this film made. The Wakaliwood story itself was hard to believe, but the story and adventures revealed on the spot in Uganda far exceeded my wildest expectations. Isaac Nabwana and his enterprising crew of brilliant and hilarious co-conspirators have rekindled my own love for collaboration and filmmaking. And the eerie, deep friendship between Isaac and Alan embodies the power of film and filmmaking to bring people together from all corners of the world, ”added Cathryne Czubek.

The Blue Finch International Chalkboard includes North Hollywood with Vince Vaughn and the acclaimed documentary You can’t kill David Arquette.

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