Boise State 2021 roster countdown: Day 56, Casey Kline



Everyone. Everyone. Listen. Everyone. We have 56 days until kick-off. The anticipation kills me.Edge Casey Kline

# 56, Casey Kline, RS sophomore, Edge


Height: 6 ‘4 “

Weight: 255 pounds.

High School: Brawley Union HS, Brawley, CA

How did he get to the Blue â„¢?

This isn’t Mr. Kline’s first rodeo when it comes to a countdown item. That being said, Kline had a bevy of Pac-12 schools in Oregon, Arizona, UCLA (among others) and the Ivy League at Yale. Whoever he ultimately signed with is going to SHOCK you.



Man. Tried to find something other than copying this, but unfortunately …


Former husband of Courtney Cox, David Arquette?

Career highlights

From what I pull together from the 2020 playbooks, Kline has appeared in four games where a tackle was collected. That’s after a Redshirt year. Would be really nice to add even more next year.

Prospectus 2021

The Edge position is so cool with its versatility and the Broncos’ penchant for putting playmakers in a good position for success. Casey Kline has the opportunity to continue this success. There was a lot of hype around his recruiting and with Sam Whitney on the list last year, it was a bit difficult to gather statistics. This could be the year he got his breakout and really made it. Keep your fingers crossed!

Is he on twitter?

Completely made up fact

The axolotl apparently has a pretty adorable yawn and is on the verge of extinction. During the off-season, Mr. Kline leads the crusade to stop the extinction. Good luck to Kline.



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