Bozo the Clown Rights Sold to David Arquette | WJMN


CHICAGO (WGN) – For the first time in 65 years, the ownership rights to the character of Bozo the Clown have been sold and actor David Arquette is the new owner.

Arquette is a lifelong fan of the character and has acquired the rights from Larry Harmon Pictures, which they purchased from Capitol Records. Bozo was founded in 1946 by Capitol Records.

Arquette said: “Bozo stands for a world of love, light and laughter. Something we can all use more of now. “

At one time there were bozo shows on television networks across America and even around the world. Now Arquette plans to create an interactive circus experience that will include Bozo. “Empire Circus” will debut in Brooklyn in November.

Bozo is one of the most popular characters from WGN-TV and Chicago. WGN has leased the rights to the character in Chicago since the late 1950s.

WGN-TV’s Bozo show ran for 40 years with a waiting list for studio audience tickets of up to 10 years and is considered the most popular and successful locally produced children’s show in television history.


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