Celebs who should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame


Best known for being the star of the CW superhero drama Arrow, Stephen Amell is a longtime wrestling fan. This fandom eventually saw him step into the ring with WWE, teaming up with Neville to wrestle Stardust and King Barrett at SummerSlam in 2015. Amell impressed in the match, even dipping into Stardust.

Amell would go on to become one of the most widely traveled modern celebrities to come to wrestling. He worked on a match for ROH and teamed with the elite (Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks) in a tag match where Stephen was seated through a table. He then carved a place in wrestling history by working with Christopher Daniels on the show, which in many ways planted the seeds of AEW, All In.

There’s a second element to Amell’s wrestling history, however, and that’s his career in scripted dramas. His blossoming friendship with Cody Rhodes led to The American Nightmare having a cameo on Arrow. More importantly, as this show ended its eight-year run, Amell tried to combine his passions. “Heels,” a drama about pro wrestlers in Georgia, premiered on Starz in 2021 and stars Amell. In addition to giving wrestling a little more exposure for its very existence, “Heels” landed CM Punk another acting job, portraying Ricky Rabies on the show.


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