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20 years. And you didn’t even see him pass. This year marks the anniversary of some of Hollywood’s most loved and beloved productions. I can not believe it. Take, for example, the first Spider-Man film to hit the big screen, directed by Sam Raimi. Another example would be the first Resident Evil starring Milla Jovovich. Or even the first live Scooby-Doo.

All are pop films which are always very popular with the general public. Aside from the surprise that all of them are already 20 years of release, another is to realize that they all remain embedded in popular culture, whether it’s through reboots, remakes, or new adaptations. However, we are not going to talk about famous blockbusters here, but about a specific type of movies that we love and you love too: horror movies!

Check out the genre’s most famous productions coming of age now – they’ll be 20 years old in 2022.

Director M. Night Shyamalan entered the film world with both feet in the door and delivered the groundbreaking The Sixth Sense (1999). After a foray into the cult film Corpo Fechado (2000) without the same result, the filmmaker returns to directing a feature film that is closer to the content of his first major success. In other words, a film that focuses more on horror, but without forgetting the human elements that have enriched his works so much. Here, Shyamalan took a break from Bruce Willis and cast Mel Gibson as the pastor, farmhouse father who loses faith after the accident that took his wife’s life. The great Joaquin Phoenix plays an important role as the protagonist’s younger brother, helping him raise his two young children. Because petty tragedies are nonsense, this family finds itself in the midst of a mystery of interplanetary proportions. Certainly one of Shyamalan’s most heartbreaking films, and also one of his most tense – although the ending records one of his well-known slip-ups.

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Based on an American urban legend, or by many accounts a true story, that took place in West Virginia, Point Pleasant, between 1966 and 1967. Back then, several locals claimed to have glimpsed a humanoid creature with red eyes, a snarl and possessing bird feathers, described as a hybrid between a man and a bird. The creature takes on even more supernatural traits in its interpretation in this film, produced by Lakeshore Entertainment and distributed by Sony Pictures. The film stars Richard Gere as a reporter who loses his wife in a car accident and decides to travel to the small town to investigate sightings of the creature. Interestingly, the same year saw the release of The Mystery of the Dragonfly, a thriller directed by Kevin Costner for Universal Pictures, which has a very similar plot.

Very important to the horror, it was the film that redefined the zombie subgenre for the 2000s – still influential today in how pop culture portrays the carnivorous undead. Before that, the reference was the works of George Romero, like the absolute classic Night of the Living Dead, and even his “parodies”, see The Return of the Living Dead. But it was this little British indie film, which didn’t garner as much attention in its early days but instantly gained a cult following, that kick-started the way creatures would be portrayed in the future. . That is accelerated as if they had taken ecstasy instead of being slow like in the classics. From Dawn of the Dead to Everybody Almost Dead to The Walking Dead, modern zombie fever owes a lot to this simple yet highly effective film, which follows a guy (Cillian Murphy) waking up in London to a stark reality. infected by. .

Do you remember this shameless movie here? In the early days of the Internet, there was no shortage of hacker-producers who took advantage of this modernity and made the famous acronym for the global network, which transports anyone to another continent in an instant, the title of their work. of horror. Distributed by the same Warner in the United States and Sony in the rest of the world, Medo Ponto Com copies The Ring but does it differently. Instead of a damn VHS tape, how about a damn website – after all, tapes were already obsolete and DVDs and the internet were all the rage back then. And instead of a journalist trying to protect her grandson, how about two detectives played by Stephen Dorff and Natascha McElhone. And if you thought Samara was missing, you are wrong, because this film has its own take on a character who faces the haunting persona, with Jeannine played by German Gesine Cukrowski. Whoever says which of the two films stuck in the minds of the fans wins.

This horror was a $20 million Warner blockbuster and one of his big bets at the time – 20 years ago. Produced by Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis through the duo’s label, Dark Castle Entertainment (responsible for releases such as A Casa da Colina, Treze Fantasmas, Na Companhia do Medo and A Casa de Cera), the idea of ​​having it was a Art The Shining (1980), filmed in a hotel rather than a boat, where really bad things happened. In the story, Gabriel Byrne and Julianne Marguiles are part of a group of modern-day pirates who roam the ships in search of their treasures. When they stumbled upon the luxury ship on which a terrible tragedy took place, they had to face their biggest demons.

Halloween: Resurrection

Who?! 20 years ago we had a copy of the popular Halloween slasher franchise and I still hadn’t put it on the top list, how could that be? Calm down, dear reader, don’t be surprised. What happens is that here we are talking about Halloween Resurrection, considered by many fans of the Michael Myers saga on the big screen to be one of its worst examples, if not “the worst”! The most heartbreaking thing about the film is knowing that it continues the fun and success of Halloween H20, a grand celebration of the franchise, 20 years after the original. It all seemed to be over by the end of H20, but it’s clear the producers weren’t going to eliminate their golden goose forever. In fact, in recent revelations, muse Jamie Lee Curtis said she knew H20 would be getting a sequel during filming because it was in her contract. She wanted H20 to be the finale. Anyway, four years after H20, we learn that Michael wasn’t actually dead, and it’s Laurie (Curtis) who dies when the psychopath finds her in a mental hospital. It’s just downhill from there for the film, which uses two then-new elements: reality shows and the internet – to create a spectacle set in Michael’s house. Of course, the landlord shows up to get the party started.

Lazy cult horror film, this film was responsible for revealing to the world (especially the world of terror) the butcher Eli Roth. The patron of Quentin Tarantino made his feature film debut with this film, which takes the cabin terror subgenre – consolidated with Evil Dead – and seeks to subvert it by including in its story (written by Roth) not a serial killer but a highly contagious disease and hers Follow for a group of university students living in isolation in the forest. While he’s not exactly a slasher, rest assured that Roth isn’t sparing the dirt gallons and gallons of blood. Apart from that, through a certain humor and insane moments, the filmmaker leaves his mark, turning this work, which is certainly not for everyone, into an immediate cult.

Speaking of horror movies that use a lot of humor in their narrative, here we have the biggest example of “terrifying” on the list. Maybe he also wants to take seriously the horror of giant spiders in a small town in America. As with Attack of the Cursed Worms, the filmmakers of this $30 million Warner-produced feature film knew they had to laugh with the film lest audiences laugh at THE film. The protagonist is David Arquette, then famous from the Panic trilogy – horror films that also used a lot of humor. The plot, as you can imagine, features spiders exposed to a chemical and growing to enormous size. The surprise of the cast, however, at least today, is the presence of the very young muse Scarlett Johansson in one of her first significant roles in cinema. She plays the sheriff’s daughter who teaches an abusive suitor a good lesson.

The all seeing eye

For my final pick on the list, I’m bringing a not-so-well-known film. Or should I rather say unrecognized. The cool thing about movies is that sometimes you watch a movie that’s completely out of the ordinary, doesn’t have a massive marketing campaign, or disappears so quickly that if we watch it again for whatever reason, we say, “Oh, that’s right, i have seen this movie. in the cinema”. A pride for every cinephile. And that was one of my most unusual sessions. Have you ever heard of this terror? The production is not great, after all it is a production at Universal Pictures, one of the biggest studios in Hollywood Like Halloween Resurrection, this film rises to the heights of reality shows and their hidden cameras to tell the story of a show in which five young people must spend a year in a remote house for the price of a million Fighting Dollars.. During this time, the bizarre situations pile up until they realize the reality they are living is not quite what they imagined.Ah yes, casting a Bradley Cooper early in his career.

The Ring is perhaps the most popular horror production in 20 years and one of the few remakes to outperform its original. This is the 1998 Japanese horror film Ringu – which received a Hollywood remake four years later, produced by Dreamworks Pictures. The film was also responsible for starring protagonist Naomi Watts, who plays a journalist who encounters a macabre, supernatural story on a VHS tape involving the deaths of teenagers and an urban legend who, when she being viewed kills its viewer once a week. And who will ever forget the ghost girl Samara?

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