Could Scream start 5 more sequences in the legendary horror franchise? That’s what the co-director says


the ScreamHorror fans have loved the film franchise for 25 years. With four episodes in the can already and one more just a few months before it hits theaters, it is as good as anyone to think about both The legacy of the cult seriesIts future and possible direction. One of the co-directors of the fifth film has some insight.

In 1996, The first film in the franchiseThe film, written and directed by Kevin Williamson’s Wes Craven, was a surprise hit. The film’s combination of humor and scary storytelling sets a new standard for millennial horror films. Ten years have passed since the fourth film was released. It has been ten years since the fourth film was released. Fans had to wonder if this was the end of the franchise. Now that we know it isn’t, one can still wonder if this new film is just a one-off project or the beginning of a new era.

While nothing is set in stone yet, there are some clues to draw from. The new chapter is called Scream, although it’s more of a reboot of the franchise than a remake of the original film – which could suggest more. Then there’s co-director Tyler Gillett, who’s sister company CinemaBlend, Total Film, said he can predict more episodes for this franchise.

This line-up is amazing. The legacy cast, they are so wonderful. What we found and what we made of it is amazing to me. [screenwriters] Guy [Busick]James [Vanderbilt]They found a reason to do the next story. We know there is more gas in the tank. Woodsboro has many stories to tell, including about these characters.

It sounds like there might be more films in the pipeline or the latest film will open its doors for them. The fifth film, a remake of the fourth from 2011, brings back the original characters. Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell)Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) and Dewey Riley (David Arquette) along with The next generation of teenage characters. It It remains to be seen who will survive. Ghostface’s latest bloodbath or how many more films the original core trio would like to join.

But while the series is hard to imagine without it, it’s also the type of franchise that has proven its ability to cross generations. As long as there are teenagers stuck to their phones and an audience that loves being scared as much as they love pop culture testimonials, there’s a good chance that they will Ghostface will still be around.

ScreamIt will hit theaters on January 14, 2022. Previous episodes can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video.

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