Courteney Cox, 57, improves her boxing skills in a new video on Instagram


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  • Courteney Cox, 57, just showed off her impressive boxing skills in a new video on Instagram.

  • The actress and her trainer work up a sweat together as they practice jabs and kicks.

  • Courtney also says the Tracy Anderson Method and a low-carb diet help her stay in shape.

Courteney Cox grabs a storm in her latest Instagram video. the friends Alum, 57, just improved her movements in a brand new clip with her trainer. Oh, and her caption, of course, includes a sneaky little hint of her most iconic role.

She looks fitter and stronger than ever, and fans in the comments couldn’t help but notice. “NICE CROSS! ⭐️🥊⭐️” wrote Jennifer Garner while Strange eye Star Tan France commented, “Hahaha. 👏🏽.” Actor Leslie Jordan added, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I’ve ever said anything that offends you. Don’t hurt me.”

Tbh, I don’t blame him:

Courteney obviously knows exactly what to do with a sturdy pair of gloves. But what else is she doing in the gym?

“My fitness philosophy is to be active in life and have fun with what I do,” she wrote for Goop in 2009. “

One of Courteney’s fitness staples is the Tracy Anderson Method, which many other celebs swear by (including Tracee Ellis Ross). “I heard about Tracy through friends who had seen fantastic results. I watched the people around me change their bodies so I had to see what it was about,” she explained.

And Courteney is a big believer in training. “In my hour and a half training sessions, I had a mental and a physical challenge,” she said. “I’ve seen amazing results that I never thought possible. My bum has lifted, my arms are shaped, and my skin is tight and actually clinging back to the muscle.”

She’s also experimented with other ways to get active, including running, hiking, Pilates, and Budokon Shine. Courteney’s best friend Jennifer Aniston is also a fan of Budokon. The yoga-like practice includes elements of calisthenics and martial arts, according to British fashion.

For her diet, Courteney adheres to a low-carb, vegetable-filled diet. “Fortunately, some of my favorite foods in the world are vegetables,” she said New you Magazine in 2017. “I just love kale, spinach, broccoli, asparagus. Anything green I long for.”

“I also eat a lot of protein like steak, chicken, and fish like tilapia. Don’t get me wrong, I love pasta and potatoes and every now and then I eat sweet potato fries, but right now I’m eating I’m on a really carb-free thing,” she continued .

Hydration is also very important to Courteney: “I’m on this rush where I’ll try to drink 64 ounces a day. It’s so hard, ”she said. “I can get down the first 32, no problem. The second bottle is tough, but when I do I feel different. “

But overall, Courteney has made some big lifestyle changes lately. “I used to smoke cigarettes. I loved smoking! I quit when I was thirty-four and I can’t believe how hard it was, ”she told the point of sale. Now the Cougar Town star says, “I usually feel best after I’ve worked out when I’m not wearing makeup and my skin is reddened.”

And their killer workouts won’t go away anytime soon. “Fitness has been a part of my life and I have no plans to give it up,” she wrote for Goop. “It’s not just about the results and wearing a bikini at 45, it’s about being healthy for myself and my family.” Kill Courteney!

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