Courteney Cox embarrasses her daughter Coco Arquette with her social media posts


Courtney Cox revealed that her daughter Coco Arquette are ashamed of the things their mother posts on social media.

In an interview, the friends actress tells InStyle that her eldest daughter isn’t a fan of her online antics and chides her for some social media trends that have gone out of style.

“A lot of what I post on Instagram really embarrasses Coco,” Cox admitted. “Sometimes I find something on TikTok and I put it on Instagram and she’s like, ‘Mom, this is so over.’ I did this dance once and she was embarrassed,” she continued. “And actually, looking back, I’m kind of ashamed.”

At a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!Cox shared that she would occasionally convince her teen to join her on her social posts.

“I really bribe her to do things with me,” the actress said Jimmy Kimmel. “I bribe her by letting you go out, and you know, stay out later, you can eat in your room. She’s the biggest mess, so that’s a nice touch.”

That Scream The actress also shared the difficult time she has trying to impress her daughter when big celebrities visit her house.

“I can’t impress this girl. I just can’t,” Cox admitted. “When she was about 4 Zac Efron came by and (James) Marsden and she literally freaked out like, ‘I want to go home!’ And I say, ‘You’re home.’ She just couldn’t handle it. But now it doesn’t matter.”

Cox shares Coco with the actor David Arquetteto whom she was married from 1999 to 2013.

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