Courteney Cox on what she finds “sexy” about boyfriend Johnny McDaid


Courteney Cox drops the best love advice, and we have her adorable relationship with current boyfriend Johnny McDaid to thank for that.

The 57 year old friends Reflecting on her eight-year journey with Johnny to People, the alum recalled the many lessons she learned, including the importance of treating love as a selfless act and the importance of not taking things personally in relationships.

We think the best gem she gave to fans was to remind them that it’s good to celebrate your partner every now and then, and it’s great to see her do just that in her exclusive interview does.

Courteney Cox talks to her boyfriend Johnny McDaid

Listing the things she appreciates about Johnny McDaid, Courteney Cox believes her partner is “a great listener” and explains that she “has never met anyone who is more patient.” But of course the rain of compliments didn’t stop there.

“He’s a great advisor. I love his heart, his intentions. His morals,” Courtney told People. “He’s extremely talented and obviously musical, but he’s a poet and a writer.”

Monica Geller The actress’ Instagram is filled with the same love she showed Johnny in the interview as it includes images like the one above praising him for all his recent musical accomplishments like his Grammy nomination for Best Song of the Year. It goes without saying that his ability to write lyrics is great, and Courteney also had to take a second to explain what she finds “sexy” about him — his thoughts.

“He’s just so smart and I think that’s really sexy,” Courteney said. “And then he’s beautiful.” (We can’t disagree with you there!)

Courteney’s relationship with Johnny only improves with time, which means with us could Wedding bells will soon be ringing. The two were previously engaged, although they called it off and were separated for some time. Diamond ring or not, but Courteney is perfectly fine with where they are now, happy, healthy and totally in love. In 2019, she explained their split:

“He’s not my fiancé. We were engaged to get married, but now we’re just together. We broke off our engagement and he moved to England, then we got back together and it’s actually better than before.”

We love to see Courteney Cox happy!


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