Courteney Cox played an almost entirely different character with friends


When the producers of “Friends” began casting, they seemed certain: Courteney Cox would play Rachel Green, the spoiled princess of Long Island who, in the pilot, flees from her wedding in search of coffee and comfort at Central’s Advantage . The only problem was that Cox wanted to play Monica instead, a character whose strength drew the actor to the role. To further complicate matters Janeane Garofalo was already the producer’s choice for Monicawhich makes sense given the character’s original description as “tough, defensive, cynical, sarcastic”, so Weekly entertainment.

Despite resistance from producers, Cox persevered and eventually won the role, forcing the creative team to find someone else to play Rachel. They first offered the role to Téa Leoni, who declined the offer so she could star in the short-lived sitcom “The Naked Truth”. Without Leoni on board, the team then moved on Jennifer AnistonHowever, the then aspiring young actor was already committed to another series, “Muddling Through”. In the end, NBC worked hard Getting “Muddling Through” canceled by CBS, relieving Aniston of her obligation.

While Garofalo would likely have brought her signature charm and dry sense of humor to Monica, it’s nearly impossible to imagine anyone in this role other than Cox – who along with the rest of the gang helped create a cultural touchstone.


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