Courteney Cox responds with video after Kanye West confirms he thought friends weren’t funny


Even people who have never watched much television know at least one thing about the medium these days, and that is that friends was a massive hit that still is a heavily quotable touchstone of pop culture for people now, a whopping 18 years after it aired its finale. There are millions of fans who still have the NBC megahit on their list of shows to watch when they need a pick-me-up, but we can now confirm that one of those comedy-loving folks is Not KanyeWest. And after the hit rapper let everyone know, he thought friends “Wasn’t funny,” Courteney Cox replied with a perfect video.

What did Kanye West say about friends?

We all know that Kanye West is a fan of social media and uses it to openly discuss everything a series of complaints about the Kardashian/Jenner clan to a series of (allegedly trauma-inducing) negative comments about Pete Davidson. West was very active on Instagram again lately, and a recent post he created and later deleted let fans know that he wasn’t actually the one who “wrote something unfunny” on Twitter, adding:

I know you’ll be disappointed, but I didn’t actually write that [tweet] that said “Friends wasn’t funny either” but I wish I had.

So! While West didn’t write the post, which decried one of the most consistently popular comedies of the past 30 years, it’s pretty obvious that he totally agrees with whoever impersonates him on Twitter and made that admission. Glove thrown down!

How did Courteney Cox react to Kanye West saying friends aren’t funny?

Someone else who is quite active Instagram is none other than Courteney Cox, aka friends‘Monica Geller herself. Cox, who recently wrapped scream 6, has been a familiar face in Hollywood since the 1980s, and since she’s quite savvy on social media, you can bet she found a cool way to reply to Kanye West, who said, one of the things for she is best known, isn’t it all great. Just look!

OK! Consider the gauntlet was picked up and… what? Thrown back I guess? In any case, Cox (who received her first Emmy nod for Friends: The reunion) probably gave fans the best answer to what West said about friends, the sitcom that propelled her from recognizable to superworldly in 1994. The title of West’s hit “Heartless” perfectly captures the sentiment many would think Cox must have read his words. However, if I had to compose a song based on this video, it would of course be titled “Priceless”.

As mentioned, Cox has been an actress for a long time and she probably knows only too well that no matter the number of people, not everyone is going to like you or the movies/tv shows you are in do connect to your work. And some of those people will be very vocal about not enjoying the things they’ve seen you in, so it’s best not to get too out of shape (especially since Cox knew friends would be a hit before it even debuted).

Kanye West didn’t add why friends was never funny to him (although he did take the time to do it tear it back up Pete Davidson and note that he does not think Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend is funny too), but it’s hard not to love Courteney Cox’s reaction. She never will Listen to “Heartless”. again, and good for you!


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