Courteney Cox reveals the hardest part of filming the original Scream


Courteney Cox reveals that the hardest part of filming 1996’s Scream was doing her own stunts in the final scene of the film, which took 21 days to shoot.

Courteney Cox reveals that the hardest part of filming was the first entry in the Scream franchise did all her own stunts in the final scene of the film. a modern horror classic, Scream was released in 1996 and was enthusiastically received by fans and critics alike. The film mixes classic thriller and crime elements with a meta commentary on the horror genre, resulting in a series that continues to this day. Along with Neve Campbell and David Arquette, Courteney Cox plays one of the three main characters in the franchise.

Courteney Cox plays Gale Weathers, a headstrong reporter willing to do anything to get a good story and has become a mainstay of the Scream Series. Originally played as the antagonist of Campbell’s Sydney Prescott, Gale has since befriended her former rival and become a fixture on stopping any ghostface killers who might rear their heads in the film’s many sequels.


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Courteney Cox recently hooked up with Sean Evans on the First we celebrate YouTube channel and revealed what she thought was the hardest part of filming the original Scream. When asked if it was true that the film’s final scene was the most grueling part of the entire production, Cox confirmed. Dubbed “Scene 118” by the cast and crew, the 42-minute party scene at the end of the film lasted 21 full days and has been jokingly called the “longest night in horror history”. See Cox’s full answer below:

“Oh yeah, it’s hard. You do all these stunts and you have blood and it’s gooey and yeah it’s really hard to make the finals of it anyway. It’s so intense and I remember I used to do that and I did all my stunts and it wasn’t a big deal and I thought I could do it again and I did it but I sure do have it paid.

Despite such a difficult finale of the first part of the franchise, Cox continued to portray Gale Weathers on the series and did many of her own stunts. While the first three films in the franchise were shot in pretty quick succession, both were scream 4 and Scream (2022) were made more than 10 years after their previous installments. Cox has stated in interviews that while she’s still willing to do her own stunts, they become noticeably more strenuous over time.

Even though Cox’s stunts have gotten more difficult, her love for the character hasn’t waned. Cox has previously stated that if given the opportunity, she would be perfectly willing to play Gale Weathers again in the sixth installment of the franchise. After the great success of Scream (2022), a sixth film has already been confirmed and is currently scheduled to begin filming this summer. The audience is already excited for the next chapter in the Scream franchise and while no release date has yet been confirmed, they can hope to see Gale Weathers, Sydney Prescott and Ghostface back on the big screen sooner rather than later.

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