Courteney Cox reveals what she did before she became an actress


‘Friends’ star Courteney Cox has never shied away from sharing the stories of her life. The actress is a new addition to the Instagram family and is making every effort to give her fans a little glimpse into her life. Recently, the actress revealed what she did before she secured a career in acting.

Courteney Cox revealed, “[My dad]always thought I was a good salesman and that I should probably move back to Alabama and sell pools. I used to work in a swimming pool shop and I was a damn good salesman. I’ve tested a lot of pool water.” Cox also mentioned that although she now owns a pool, she can’t use any of the old water testing skills she knows. She added, “I have a saltwater pool now so I don’t know how to test that.”

The ‘Shining Vale’ star also stressed the importance of her father’s influence on her life. Courteney Cox told Willie Geist on his Sunday Sitdown podcast: “My dad isn’t alive, but I think[winning an award]would be something he would be proud of. … I remember the first time I had a billboard on Sunset, it was for Dirt, and I really wanted my dad to see that because he would have been proud.”

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Though Courteney Cox is best known for her role in Friends, she credits her performance in Bruce Springsteen’s music video Dancing in the Dark as the moment that sparked her career. She said: “The Bruce Springsteen video certainly nailed it. I was on screen for 24 seconds but who doesn’t love Bruce Springsteen and who doesn’t love that song “Dancing in the Dark”? I just went on stage and people really wanted to know, ‘What’s Bruce really like?’ And I said, ‘Okay, I’ll tell you.’ I didn’t really know, he’s just a great guy, but that was like a lead in to get in the door.”

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You can catch Courteney Cox on the fan-favorite series FRIENDS streaming now Netflix.

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