Courteney Cox, the relegated star of “Friends”?


“Friends” gave screens and millions of viewers around the world six characters as diverse as they were equal: Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe and Ross experienced the situations all friends go through their lives. And while it’s true that the fans had their favorites, Courteney Cox, one of the protagonists confessed to feeling relegated to the show.

In contrast to his colleagues the actress was the only one who was not mentioned at an Emmy in the 10 years the series has been on the air. Jennifer AnistonInstead, she was nominated five times for her role as Rachel Green, Lisa Kudrow won one and was nominated five more times; Matt LeBlanc three times and the rest at least once.

If you are a fan of “FriendsYou will remember all the times Monica did the unthinkable for her friends. Also, her story had a different origin, as it changed completely after years of being bullied in school and by her own family for being overweight in her youth. On the other hand, he always had the feeling that he wasn’t enough for his parents.

The diva’s admission came this week while she was on the Howard Stern show, which insisted on asking her how she felt about not being nominated. “Sure. Yeah, it always hurt my feelings. When all the cast except me were nominated, it definitely hurt my feelings. I was happy for everyone and when he finally said, ‘Oh, am I the only one?“It hurts,” he said.

according to Helmsman The only thing that made her feel better about it was the 1010 nomination she received for another show a Golden Globe in its first year. And I mean who cares? ‘(but) it meant everything to me, ”he added.


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