Courteney Cox was secretly upset that no one liked Monica


Courteney Cox did a great job on Friends but was secretly very upset that Monica was once considered the worst character on the sitcom.

Courteney Cox spent ten years in acting friends, but during this time she was secretly upset that no one liked Monica. Although Monica is ubiquitous throughout the series, she has often been viewed as one of the weakest characters. It turns out that this perception had a negative impact on Cox throughout her time on the show.

Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, friends was broadcast on NBC from 1994-2004 and is considered one of the most popular shows in TV history. After years of public demand, the cast finally shot a reunion special for HBO Max in 2021. friends follows a group of six New Yorkers who lead their professional and romantic lives at a time when close friendships are considered family. Courteney Cox plays Monica Gellar, cook and perfectionist and the younger sister of Ross (David Schwimmer). She eventually develops a relationship with Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), with the couple marrying and adopting twins at the end of the sitcom.


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Despite consistently great performance friends, Cox was concerned that viewers didn’t like Monica. She was the only lead member to never receive Emmy recognition for her performance, which she recently admitted to finding her angry with. In an interview from 2000 with Film line (above Lebeau’s Le Blog), Cox revealed that even in the show’s early seasons she struggled with the belief that no one liked Monica. When a Television program Poll rated them the worst friends Character, Cox struggled to part with the viewers’ negativity towards Monica.

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When asked about the pressure of being liked while working on a hugely successful sitcom friendsRecalling the public poll four years earlier, Cox was deeply hurt by the thought that no one likes Monica. Cox stated: “I couldn’t explain why they rated Monica, not Courteney Cox. Man it hurt me I’ve lived with this pain. “Focusing on the performance may have been understandably difficult at times as she was concerned about the character. Cox wasn’t shy about confiding in her friends Co-Stars, tell Film line, “I’m not someone who pretends I’m fine. I will tell everyone that I am hurtWorking with a cast that shared a deep bond would certainly help allay any doubts Cox had about Monica, but that didn’t stop her rationalizing people’s aversion to the character the 1996 poll, Cox believed that this was previously Monica with Chandler, she “nothing was going on“. She stated,”People didn’t refer to her because she was just a clean freak and nobody cared about it. “

Monica didn’t have most of the conversation friends Plot at that time, so much discussion about Ross and Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) relationship. However, Monica had an interesting story about her romance with the older Richard Burke (Tom Selleck) and was always an amusing figure. Monica and Chandler’s relationship was a great development for both characters, but there wasn’t a valid reason not to like Monica to begin with. After all, their competitiveness and their obsessive cleanliness were often discussed in a humorous way. Cox was admirably open about how her insecurities affected her perception of character. Per Cox “,I’m so critical of myself, I know I’m very lucky, but I see mistakes everywhere. “She played one of friends‘main characters, with many episodes in Monica’s apartment, so it’s totally understandable that Cox was upset because people didn’t like her.

However, Cox has no qualms about playing shady characters on purpose and loved the sharp-tongued Gale Weathers in the Scream Movies. By doing Film line Interview, she revealed, “I love the idea of ​​playing a character that you love to hate. In Scream 2 I was whistled by the audience, which made me happy“Unfortunately, Courteney Cox never got the recognition she deserved for playing Monica. She was one of the best friends Characters and Cox gave one of the greatest feats of an iconic ensemble.

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