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Courteney Cox could really feel Wes Craven’s presence on the set of the new ‘Scream’ film.

The 57-year-old actress will repeat her role as Gale Weathers in the upcoming fifth film in the horror franchise – simply called “Scream” – and while it was the first in the Slasher series that Craven died in 2015, 76 years old, she still had not directed, he was “honored in every way”.

She said, “You could really feel Wes’ presence on the set, there was a lot dedicated to him. He was honored in every way.

“And that’s not a sequel, it’s a relaunch. It takes the best of ‘Scream’ and everyone together. “

Cox thinks the upcoming film is even more “bloody” and “creepier” than the franchise’s first film, “Scream,” from 1996.

She told SFX magazine, “It’s sublime, it’s new, it’s fresh. I think it’s bloodier. It’s more scary in a way because nothing scares us anymore.

“Since the world changes everything, you have to be elevated.”

And Cox admitted that she knew the original first film in the series would be “different” when she read the script that the heroine Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore) died within 13 minutes.

She added, “I think there was such a cross-genre format. First of all, Wes Craven is obviously an amazing, incredible director – and he’s so funny too, which I didn’t know until I worked with him.

“But it’s just so different. I think we knew because if your heroine dies in the first 13 minutes of a movie, you know you have something special.

“You take Drew Barrymore and kill her, you know it will be different.”


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