David Arquette refuted Drew Barrymore’s denial that they were dating


Host of The Drew Barrymore Show, Drew Barrymore and Scream Star David Arquette once co-starred in 1999 Not kissed. But they may or may not be dated years earlier. She said they didn’t and he said they did even though she said they didn’t.

So the world is largely left to guesswork. But here is a little of what is known.

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David Arquette and Drew Barrymore could have been together in 1991

Back in 1991, before both were shown in the original Scream Film, Arquette, and Barrymore seemed to have spent some social time together. It is noteworthy that Arquette also comes from a family of actors like Barrymore. He was 20 and she was 16 then, so by then she had been a star for more than a decade.

The two attended the premiere of the film in Los Angeles Bugsy together, as well as an event at Spago Restaurant in Hollywood, California. There are a small number of seemingly loving photos that prove that much is true.

However, whether or not they were actually together at the time is controversial. According to Arquette, they were together “for a while,” despite what Barrymore said.

David Arquette: “Sorry, I have a big mouth”

According to E News, Arquette said of Barrymore in 2014, “We started dating when we were very young kids. Well, no little children! ”

He said their relationship had lasted “a while” and stated, “She’s just one of the cutest, friendliest people in Hollywood.”

According to Arquette’s description, he and Barrymore were having some innocent-sounding fun together. “She’s just a lovable, sweet person,” he emphasized again. “We used to run around and just be silly.”

At that point, he said they hadn’t called in “in a long time,” but added, “Drew is always Drew. She is always cute. “

Then in 2018 he said again that they had a date. But this time he added that despite Barrymore’s denials, it was true The Howard Stern Show.

“We have a date too, but she denied it to Howard Stern,” said Arquette. “But we have an appointment, Drew!”

“Sorry, I have a big mouth. I speak. I’ll say it as it is, ”he said on PeopleTV. He also admitted that he loved being with his co-stars so much that he married one – Courteney Cox.

Drew Barrymore and David Arquette are still friends

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Despite all of the dates he said, it seems that Barrymore and Arquette are still friendly. In September 2021, Arquette visited The Drew Barrymore Show along with their Not kissed Co-Star Molly Shannon.

During their chat, Barrymore revealed that she and Arquette have a “really long history” and grew up together. They even lived in the same neighborhood, right down the street. In particular, she said that they were long-time friends and hadn’t mentioned anything romantic in their history together.

But she had a clear message of affection for him. “I’ve loved you all my life, David,” she told him. In the end, a seemingly slight disagreement about the status of their previous relationship wasn’t enough to change the way she felt about her friend.

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