Do Installment Loans Build Credit?


A installment loan can improve your credit score in a huge way when you pay the amount you have agreed. It may also help in a small way , by providing you with a better credit profile if you own credit cards.

Here’s what you should be aware of regarding what installment loans can affect your credit score.

What is installment loans?

Installment loans require you to pay in equal installments for a specific time frame up to the time the loan has been paid. Car loans are an obvious illustration, but there are a variety that are installment loans.

Installment accounts differ from the revolving credit that typically refers to credit cards. For revolving accounts, the monthly the amount of payments varies, and there is no fixed date for when the account will end.

What are the implications of installment loans affect your credit?

Installment loans may help your score if you:

  • Pay punctually. Installment loans can aid in building credit if you’re consistently making timely payments and the lender reports your transactions at least one credit bureaus. The main factor that affects credit scores is payment history and a history of punctual payments will improve your credit score, however, payment that is more than 30 days late could be detrimental to your credit score. Losing your home or vehicle to repossession or foreclosure could cause a huge impact on your credit score.
  • There are only credit cards at present. A smaller factor in your score is your account mix. If you have only credit cards and installment debt, adding it to your credit card will help diversify your credit types and could bring you a small bump.
  • The credit score decreases. Finally, if you take out the installment loans to repay credit card debt such as, for example your credit score could benefit. Transferring credit card debt to an installment loan lowers the percentage of credit use. Utilization is the term used to describe the amount of your credit card balance in relation to the limit you have set. It’s an important aspect of how your score on credit. The transfer of debt to an installment-based personal loan could immediately decrease your per-card and overall usage.

Making an application for any credit service may temporarily knock several points off your credit score due to an inquiry from a creditor. These checks are known as “hard inquiry” and appear upon the credit report.

Are you able to get an installment loan to increase credit?

It’s generally not a good idea to make an installment loan to boost credit score, however there is a rare exception which is credit-building loans. They are, as their name implies, aimed at the purpose of these loans is to build credit. for taking out the loan. If you do not have credit or have a weak credit history or a weak credit score, these installment loans can help you to build credit.

When a credit-builder’s loan is accepted, the money is then deposited into the form of a savings account or certificate. The loan isn’t transferred to you until you’ve paid off the loan.

When you pay on time, you build your credit score and gives you an emergency fund that is nice at the time of repaying the loan. However, not paying promptly can damage your credit and a large amount of borrowing can strain your budget and result in unpaid payments.

Be aware of your development

As you earn credit, it is important to monitor your development. You can review your credit score and also receive a no-cost credit report summary, updated each week, via NerdWallet. Alongside tracking your score, you’ll be able to track your credit utilization as well as other scoring elements.


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