Dying Light 2 Buddy the Dog Choice: True Friends Quest Guide


dying light 2 has amazing parkour, fun skills to unlock and ways to break your heart. One of those moments comes with the story quest “True friends”where you have to make a heartbreaking decision.

This quest presents you with the difficult decision of giving up something or helping him pass it on, and what to say afterwards. You may have trouble knowing what to do. So, follow our guide to what we think are the best choices in this heartbreaking quest, and your best choices along the way.

To go or not to go, that is the question


Players will come across this quest as they progress through story mode and as they come across it Dude, you may be torn on what to do since you only have two options when interacting with him. Buddy is a dog who was badly injured while trying to protect some kids in the area from an attack and slowly succumbs to his injuries. Your two choices at this point are:

  • Allow the dog to succumb to its injuries
  • or
  • Save Buddy from her misery

It’s hard to determine what’s the best choice here, as whatever choice you make, it’s an unfortunate choice to be abandoned. However, the decision you make has very little impact on the overall story. So if you can’t imagine having to put a poor dog out of his misery, you’re free to go. The result will remain the same for each of the options you choose, which can make the choice a bit easier for you overall.

However, as the mission progresses, you will be given the choice of breaking the news of Buddy’s death to Dominik. Your choices are:

  • Buddy died rescuing Scott and Moe
  • Scott and Moe lied to you
  • Scott and Moe will tell you everything

Your choice here has a bit more impact on the overall story and impact of this scene than telling Dominik that Buddy died saving Scott and Moe, you will see sadness but then everyone will be happy again when the dialogue to one comes close. If you say that Scott and Moe lied, the kids will be angry with you, and if you say the kids will tell you everything, they will be angry, but Nerys will be pleased that the kids were telling the truth .

Not every story beat has a big outcome throughout the story arc, but moments like this can make the world feel a little more human than before. Seeing the sadness that comes with the death of a loved one feels oddly real and can make you feel the same emotions as the characters in the game.

Dying Light 2 is available now for Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC, with a Nintendo Switch Cloud Edition coming sometime in 2022.


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