Ed Sheeran does the same prank every time he’s at Courteney Cox’s home



Ed Sheeran built an empire for himself by being the nice guy – he humbly stood at the microphone and sang seriously about love.

Don’t let him fool you.

The 30-year-old Englishman has a naughty streak, as reflected during his week-long stay with turned out The Late Late Show with James Corden while declaring that he always stays at Courteney Cox’s home when visiting Los Angeles. (That would explain this.)

The story starts at 2:30 a.m .:

In short, the first time Sheeran was at Cox’s home, he secretly used her Alexa to order a gimp mask. The Friends The symbol eventually caught on, but Sheeran still hides Gimp masks in the Cox residence when he’s there.

Corden shared a video that Cox Sheeran sent for his 30th birthday – he jokingly wore one of the masks to protect himself from COVID on set.

Sheeran brought one to Corden too.

Elsewhere during the interview, the four-time Grammy winner spoke about how he’s adjusting to his father’s life – he’s sharing his first child, nine-month-old Lyra, with his wife, Cherry Seaborn – and how he’s getting on with his new single the title came “Bad habits,” which arrived last Friday (June 25th).

“Bad Habits” is Sheeran’s first solo offering since 2017 and the first new music of any kind since his 2019 collaboration album.

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