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Vince Russo remains one of the most controversial figures in the history of professional history. As one of the top writers during WWE’s Attitude era, he helped take the company to tremendous heights. But once he left the company for WCW In 1999, his entire legacy was turned upside down.

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Many believe Russo’s booking decisions eventually led to the company’s closure, such as booking David Arquette as WCW Champion. However, what is forgotten about Russo’s time with the company is that he actually had a brief stint as an active professional wrestler. In 2000 he had eight games, all of which varied in quality.

8th Vince Russo vs Lex Luger

Vince Russo’s “wrestling debut” came on the May 5, 2000 issue of WCW Nitro. At the time, he had an argument with Lex Luger and talked his way into a match with him. Predictably, this match was pretty awful, if you can even call it a match.

It’s difficult to even rate this outing as it was almost immediately declared a no contest due to glitches. It’s hard to call this a match, but the bell rang so it went down as such.

7 Vince Russo vs. Stevie Ray

Days before he was due to face Booker T for the WCW Championship, Russo was paired with “The Masked Heel” at WCW Thunder. The idea was that Russo booked himself a match with a heel that essentially crushed.

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In traditional Russo fashion, the heel went off the script. After a few moves (including the worst dropkick ever), the heel turned out to be Stevie Ray. The Harlem Heat member then knocked out the booker before being ruled a no contest.


6 Vince Russo & David Flair vs. Ric & Reid Flair

Vince Russo’s feud with Ric Flair escalated and led to a tag team match in a May issue of Thunder. Much of the rivalry stemmed from David Flair becoming something of a Booker’s protégé and going against his father.

Because of this, the older Flair enlisted the help of a young Reid for a tag team match. This consisted essentially of just David and Ric and was pretty short. After about four minutes, the heels took the win.

5 Vince Russo & David Flair vs. Ric Flair and Reid Flair

Weeks after their first episode, they decided to repeat a tag team match between Russo and the Flair family. This time it happened in an issue of Nitro and had the stipulation that if Ric lost, he had to retire. Yes, it’s the retirement match that WWE isn’t talking about.

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It’s a good reason they don’t as the match wasn’t great. Once again, Russo and David went over to Ric and Reid. This time they poured salt in the wound by shaving the head of the nature boy after losing it.

4 Vince Russo vs. Ric Flair

A week before he “retired” Ric Flair, Vince Russo faced off against the Nature Boy in a steel cage match. This match, of course, featured plenty of interference from David Flair, but surprisingly, it wasn’t a terrible outing. Ric Flair did everything he could to wrestle Russo into a decent match.

The vast majority of this match saw the former champion hacking and hitting the booker. Towards the end of the match, Russo was put in a figure four leglock that seemed to last forever. Eventually, David interfered, resulting in blood dripping onto all three men. After his son gave him his own task, Russo took the win.

3 Vince Russo vs Booker T

After building a winning streak consisting mostly of tag team matches and no contests, Russo earned a title shot against Booker T in a September edition of WCW Nitro. The card went down in Russo’s home state when he announced that it was his destiny to become a champion.

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This was a wild affair that seemed to get most WCW members involved. Booker T worked on Russo except for moments, but it would be Goldberg interference that made all the difference. Seconds before the champion exited the cage, he impaled Russo through the cage. With that spear, Booker became the WCW champion, although he would vacate the title a week later due to a concussion.

2 Vince Russo & Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner

The match that gave Russo a shot at the Booker T heavyweight title came a week before his title win. There was a tag team match at an edition of WCW Nitro where he teamed with Sting against Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner. The stipulation of the game was that whoever scored the pinfall would be given a title shot.

Russo was attacked before the match, resulting in Sting being mostly alone against heels. However, Booker T decided to get involved in the fight and made it an entertaining show. Near the end of the game, Russo showed up only to be crushed by Steiner. After defeating Steiner, the champion put the scribe in the lead to achieve the win.

1 Triple Cage War Games

The best match of Vince Russo’s in-ring career was one he was mostly not involved in. In the September 4, 2000 issue of Nitro, there was a WarGames match with three cages. Russo teamed with Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner against Booker T, Goldberg, Kronik and Sting.

This was by no means a five-star classic. However, it was a fun, chaotic brawl with everyone taking their places. Russo played his role well by being the cowardly hoe who let Nash and others have their way, and his team achieved the win after almost 20 minutes.

Best Match on Top 10 WCW Nitros (worst to best)

Best Match on Top 10 WCW Nitros (worst to best)

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