Everything you need to know about the “He’s All That” star


He is everything Officially debuting on Netflix today and it’s already set to generate a lot of buzz! Audiences everywhere are loving this 2021 restart as it is full of more modern trends, modern language and of course new actors and actresses.

The cast of the film includes an actress named Myra Molloy, and you will be delighted to learn a little more about her, especially after she performed an outstanding performance portraying Quinn in the new film.

We shared what you need to know He’s everything an actress under.

Age of Myra Molloy

Myra Molly was born on September 18, 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand. This makes this young star 23 years old and a virgin.

Myra Molloy Instagram

She is full of love, life and laughter, and we are super grateful that Myra is taking us all with her! Check out this picture from Myra’s Instagram where her adorable smile is complemented by a super adorable dog.

We’re not the only ones who get to see cute puppy photos, because her 73,800 Instagram followers also appreciate her daily dose of dogs. Be sure to follow her on her Instagram her twitter to learn more about the celebrity and see many more films He is everything throw!

Myra Molloy height

Backstage tells us that Myra is 5 feet 5 inches tall, has naturally black hair, and naturally brown eyes.

Myra Molloy rollers

He is everything was maybe her breakout role, but this rising star has also appeared on some pretty notable TV shows!

In 2015, Myra played the role of Wish on the thriller series HBO Asia Half-worlds, and shortly thereafter she starred on the hit freeform television show The fat guy as Mara Chamberlain in 2020. She will star on the series pink Next Scream‘s David Arquette and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar for letting us know she’s already made it big!

While you wait for her to appear on your screens a lot more in the future, now is the time to capture her in the movie He is everything Streaming only on Netflix today!

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