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Fort Worth coach John Gales Sr. died on August 25 at the age of 82. The effects it leaves are endless. As an English teacher and basketball coach in Fort Worth, he has shaped so many lives.

John Gales Jr. is proud to bear his father’s name.

“The most precious thing that he can give his son as a father is that father’s name, and it is a good name,” said son John Gales Jr.

His father’s legacy goes further than he can imagine.

“I’m shaking in my boots,” said Gales. “Knock on my knees.

Besides being a loving role model to a father, the way he lived influenced his students.

“A father figure to me,” said former student Blake Moorman. “I mean, he really made a positive impact on my life.”

As a sixth grader, Moorman says Gales taught boys how to be gentlemen.

“Men always take off their hats in a building,” said Moorman. “That was at school, the gentlemen don’t do that in his house. So just small lessons for life, he was always and always positive.”

Gales, Sr. broke barriers at Trimble Technical High School in 1968.

He became the first African American coach on an integrated basketball team in Fort Worth schools.

He was definitely a historian who influenced thousands of lives, but no more than that of his family.

“God, that was him to me,” said Gales. “Often times, how can you know God if you don’t have a father to show you God. I couldn’t see God, but I saw my father. “

All commendable when friends and family say goodbye to a man who has only done his small part to make life better.

“He always said it was just your reasonable service, John,” said Gales. “Never let it go to your head. Never get beyond yourself. He said follow my example and my role. “

A role Gales Jr. would like to pursue in a life well lived.

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