Family and friends hope for justice after a man is killed in SE OKC Park


The search for justice continues after a man is found murdered in an Oklahoma City park.

Antonio Walker was found dead Friday morning in a park in southeast Oklahoma City.

Friends told News 9 that they are still not sure what the motive behind his death is.

His friends said it was hard to imagine anyone taking advantage of him.

“Even on the soccer field, his aura has always embodied confidence,” says D’Andre Foster, a friend.

Foster and Walker grew up together and connected through sport.

A video recorded in high school showed Foster knocking down a field goal attempt, and then Walker runs for the winning touchdown.

“We became friends for life,” said Foster.

While Foster remembers Walker as an incredible athlete, Walker’s life changed forever when Oklahoma City police went to his mother’s house in 2006 with an arrest warrant for one of his friends.

Walker tried to leave.

“He tried to run through the back door. There’s an officer at the back door. He dives to the ground. He was shot in the back and was paralyzed, ”said Foster.

Walker, now paralyzed, was struggling to adjust.

“He would cry, ‘I don’t want to be like this. I didn’t ask to be like that, ‘”Foster said.

In 2015, his father was shot dead when he looked after his then 30-year-old son who was confined to a wheelchair. Police said Walker was in possession of drugs and was the intended target.

“He’s had some emotional, mental, and spiritual struggles to get over that,” said Foster.

But despite his adversity, Foster said Walker kept fighting.

“I’ve always admired the way he struggled to even smile to keep joking,” said Foster.

Foster got the call on Friday. His friend was gone; found dead in southeastern Oklahoma City Park.

“I remember coming home and turning on the TV and feeling pain for his mother because she was jumping and screaming frantically, ‘This is my baby, this is my child,'” said Foster.

Although no arrests were made, Foster said he was sure someone knew something.

“He didn’t go there himself. He didn’t go to the park alone, ”said Foster.

Anyone with information on the murder case is asked to call the homicide squad at 405-297-1200.

A vigil is scheduled for Thursday at 7 a.m. in McCracken Park.


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