Family, friends remember woman who was killed in fire in El Dorado


EL DORADO, Kan. (KWCH) – A man from El Dorado has been charged with murder and arson in connection with the death of his girlfriend. The family identified the victim as 56-year-old Marie Edmonds.

Family and neighbors say Edmonds and her boyfriend had a violent history. He was already on parole and has a criminal record that includes domestic violence and theft. It is now held on a $ 250,000 bond.

Neighbors recorded a video of the fire on Friday morning near Second and Taylor Streets in El Dorado. Edmonds died in that fire.

“I mean, it’s all crazy. It’s very sad. It’s very sad. I don’t think anyone should have to die that way, ”said Alexandria Eberflus, Edmond’s sister.

Now the Edmonds siblings are back at home. They hope to save whatever can be saved for their daughter and granddaughter who live in Arizona to remember them.

“She had a big heart. she was always strong. she was very strong-willed, “said Edmond’s brother Breit Ritchey.

“She was really an outgoing person until she got together with that person and just stood still. She was just trapped in here, ”said Edmonds’ sister, Belinde Bailey.

El Dorado Police arrested David Poulter and charged him with first degree murder, aggravated arson and assault on a police officer.

“Nobody has to die from domestic violence. It’s just tragic. Her animals, her fur babies, were with her. “

Although they don’t know what happened at Edmond’s house, family and friends say she was in a difficult relationship.

“You could hardly imagine what was going on behind the doors. It was not good. It couldn’t be. I mean, we’ve had problems with him in the past. We had to call the police once because he was just belligerent and drunk. It’s all sad. “

Family and friends hope that justice will be done to Edmonds. A fundraising page set up on Facebook to help fund funeral expenses and allow Edmond’s daughter to travel to her mother’s funeral:

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