Friends actor Larry Hankin says producers didn’t want him at the reunion


Given how popular the NBC sitcom is friends has stayed the same over the years, it wasn’t a huge surprise that fans wanted the cast members to get together again for a reunion or some sort of reboot. Though the actors didn’t want to return to their characters for anything written, they agreed to do a televised reunion special where they would get together to reminisce about their favorite memories from the show. And finally, in May 2021, Friends: The reunion Premiered on HBO Max.

Comedian James Corden hosted the special, which saw Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc reunite to talk everything friends. It received critical acclaim, although fans were a little disappointed and confused by the cast list. Aside from the six leads we love, many were disappointed Paul Rudd didn’t show up. They were also confused that celebrities like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga were there.

Larry Hankin, who played the one and only Mr. Heckles friendsShe quickly emerged during the reunion, which fans were happy to see. However, the cameo almost happened and that’s because Hankin wasn’t originally invited! In a bombshell new interview, the 84-year-old actor explained why the producers didn’t want him at the reunion and recalled the unfair treatment he received on set.

Larry Hankin (Mr. Heckles) claims he was treated unfairly on the set of Friends: The Reunion

In a virtual interview with the friends Fan site @TheFriendsFeeds asked Hankin about his performance Friends: The reunion, to which he claimed the producers didn’t want him on the show and he suspected this was because they wanted popular celebrities there instead. He explained that the people working on the reunion special who weren’t part of the original show didn’t know Hankin, so they didn’t feel like inviting him.

Hankin went on to recall that the producers finally called him to appear at the reunion at the last minute, but that their offer of payment wasn’t enough. He declined and they ended up calling back and offering him more. Hankin agreed and was surprised to see how he was treated when he showed up.

According to Hankin, he wasn’t even allowed to say hello to the other friends Stars on the set!

“They wouldn’t let me talk to anyone,” Hankin recalled. “And they sent me upstairs to a dressing room and said, ‘Go there and wait [until] we’re asking you to come down and join the show.’” Even when he asked if he could watch the show, he was apparently told no. After doing his part on camera, according to Hankin, he was put in a car and sent away.

“That’s why I’m really angry at the people who produced this friends Goodbye,” he said. Watch the full interview with Hankin below.

The main producers on Friends: The reunion were Kevin S. Bright, Marta Kauffman and David Crane, who were also the producers of the original show. However, Ben Winston also produced and directed the reunion, and he was not involved with the original series. Perhaps Hankin is referring to Winston in the interview. At this point we are not entirely sure and are only speculating.

We are sure friends Fans feel so bad for Larry Hankin. Sure, he wasn’t one of the show’s six main cast members, but he still made an impression.


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